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Holistic Integration Therapy

Through a unique combination of Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Psychology, Mythology, Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Healing & Guided Meditation David & Heather walk you through your own journey to uncover, discover & work through those root issues that hold you back from living your most authentic life.

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Amazing 🙂  
Author Picture

Every experience I have had with David and Heather has felt like magic. They help bring a clarity and light to any issues I have had. I always feel stronger and more connected with their help. With love they have helped me tackle issues that I would have been too scared to address otherwise. I am so grateful!

2011-03-04    Las Vegas, NV    Client since June 2010   
More clear headed than ever!  
Author Picture

I loved working with both David and Heather. They work seamlessly as a team. David helped me connect pass memories with actions that I am doing today. I would have never been able to grab that childhood memory and equate it to a behavior that I do today. I always have an "aha" moment, "I understand now". This has helped me move forward tremendously. I am a repeat client and will be coming back for more!

2013-10-17    Las Vegas, NV    Client since January 2012   
First Apointment  
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As soon as you walk in you're so comfortable, you can tell them anything. I was not sure about the couple thing, but they're such a good team, I will return.

2012-12-30    Las Vegas, NV    Client since December 2012   
Author Picture

After many years of therapy i must say this is the first time i felt a real connection and believe this can change my life dramatically for the better! Absolutly amazing people and great energy.everyone should give it a try!

2012-02-18    Las Vegas, NV    Client since February 2012   
Angels on earth, so incredibly gifted!  
Author Picture

Heather & David helped me beyond words during my pregnancy to relieve chronic migraines completely drug free. And now they continue to help me claw through the worst pain a mother can ever know. They are truly angels on this earth, their love, knowledge and light is unexplainable ...spiritual ♡ There is nothing they can not do.

2014-11-01    Las Vegas, NV    Client since February 2014   
Reiki Attunement Magic  
Author Picture

I had my level one attunement at the end of last year and thought that nothing could be more powerful than the transformation this session created. Not only was I able to translate the power of reiki into my work as a massage therapist, I also received the gift of extreme clarity for myself. The past few months have been an awakening to say the least. I just experienced my level Two attunement two days ago and the power is exponentially growing. This is a quantum leap into amazing! Thank you!

2016-03-02    Las Vegas, NV    Client since April 2015   
Hour therapy session  
Author Picture

Always a pleasure working with David & Heather. They are so understanding, and knowledgeable. Answer all my questions with patience and care. I couldn't ask for better people to help me on my journey.

2017-04-14    Las Vegas, NV    Client since April 2017   
Life changing experience!  
Author Picture

I recently had my first ever Rieki attunement with David and Heather, and I am so grateful for it. These guys really know what they are doing, their deep knowledge and years of experience really come through with each session I have had with them. The benefits of their healing are immeasurable, I recommend their services to anyone, no matter their path in life!!

2014-11-23    Las Vegas, NV    Client since August 2014   
Amazing experience  
Author Picture

Loved the Reiki session! I feel like a new person. Definitely will be coming back.. thank you for helping me.

2014-12-18    Las Vegas, NV    Client since December 2014   
They Helped me Remember...thank you.  
Author Picture

Sometimes when life gets overwhelming, you know full well that most of the insanity is NOT yours but you can't let it go yourself. I knew how but I was stuck and in a dark place. They are fantastic, the team of them both working their healing on me was intense. Yes they helped me remember how, and who I was, how powerful I was and how to keep going forward. I thank the Great Spirit that I was led to them and I hope them all the best in the future. Thank you David and Heather.

2011-05-30    Las Vegas, NV    Client since May 2011   

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David & Heather are here to take you to whatever your next level is. They have created a specialty service called Holistic Integration Therapy (HIT for short) that combines many techniques, tools, and knowledge gained over their extensive work helping people to become their most authentic selves.

They know how to help you get down to and break through whatever is blocking you or holding you back from living your own personal dream. And, if you don’t even know what that is yet, let them help you to unbury that treasure beneath, and start making that dream real!