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Energy and Cranio-Sacral Work  
Author Picture

I've been seeing David and Heather for a year and they never cease to amaze me. They immediately cut through whatever issues I've presented to them and find and help me address and work through whatever the cause of whatever result (issue) I'm experiencing. They are awesome healers and individuals and an hour with them is worth every cent (and a lot more).

2011-11-17    Las Vegas, NV    Client since December 2010   
Life Changing  
Author Picture

David and Heather helped me so so much in the grieving process. They helped me find peace and I will be forever grateful to them. they are beautiful people with a gift for helping people. I would recommend them to anyone who might need a little or a lot of help with any kind of issue. They just have a way of helping you find answers and comfort.

2011-03-23    Las Vegas, NV    Client since March 2011   
Amazing experience  
Author Picture

Loved the Reiki session! I feel like a new person. Definitely will be coming back.. thank you for helping me.

2014-12-18    Las Vegas, NV    Client since December 2014   
Awesome experience  
Author Picture

I went to see David and Hearther for the first time, I don't have enough words to discribe how awesome my experience was, I found out things about my self that I didn't know about, it was an automatic change in my life. Thank you very much for helping me out in my time of need, I will definitely go back to them. 5 stars is too little to rate them...

2013-07-26    Las Vegas, NV    Client since July 2013   
Author Picture

I had an amazing experince with David and Heather. I felt so safe and I am blessed to have experienced their healing hands and positive energy. They helped me to get answers from within and beyond and I am truly grateful for the time that I spent with them.

2012-03-29    Las Vegas, NV    Client since March 2012   
Words cannot express how amazing!  
Author Picture

Wow, honestly...I could cry writing this. David and Heather are such amazing people. I felt so much love and positive energy emanating from them after one session. I truly cannot wait to go back and continue our work. Thank you both so much! Such a great experience

2011-03-10    Las Vegas, NV    Client since March 2011   
Author Picture

I enjoyed my session with both of you and felt so at home and at ease. You have a permanent client in me. I feel like this is only the beginning of my new look on life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a great session. And I can't believe it was free....I know everything will be okay with my boys. the stress level was gone by the time I left you both. Thank you so much and you are both loving and caring people. See you in another week....

2010-10-27    Las Vegas, NV    Client since October 2010   
A real difference  
Author Picture

I have battled depression for decades and tried all sorts of western therapies and meds. I still don't have a total grasp of what's going on during reiki, but, after 5 sessions, I can function and have a much better outlook on life. Going here has truly made a huge difference in my life.

2013-05-31    Las Vegas, NV    Client since January 2013   
Author Picture

I have been seeing Heather and David for about 5 or 6 years now. They are amazing at what they do! It's so easy to get out of balance with everyday life. One session with these two miracle workers and I feel better then ever! It's a safe place I can truly explore my feelings and work through issues on my own. They help support you in your own discovery of your individual journey. Every time I do a session I have an "ah ha" moment! Don't take my word for it! Try it yourself! Happy journeying

2014-07-17    Las Vegas, NV    Client since October 2010   
still a little discombobulated  
Author Picture

My first session with David and Heather was much more healing than I ever expected. I'm finding it difficult to put my experience into words.All I know is that together they work with extraordinary abilities and gifts, and I am grateful to know them

2011-08-25    Las Vegas, NV    Client since August 2011   

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David & Heather are here to take you to whatever your next level is. They have created a specialty service called Holistic Integration Therapy (HIT for short) that combines many techniques, tools, and knowledge gained over their extensive work helping people to become their most authentic selves.

They know how to help you get down to and break through whatever is blocking you or holding you back from living your own personal dream. And, if you don’t even know what that is yet, let them help you to unbury that treasure beneath, and start making that dream real!