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Reiki Training In Person
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(Hands-On Practitioner)

$400 (Per Person)
Average 2 – 4 Hours

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(Distance Practitioner)

$800 (Per Person)
Average 2 – 4 Hours

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Reiki Training In Person
Level III

$1200 (Per Person)
Average 2 – 4 Hours

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We’ve had to make some adjustments due to the incredible response to our appearance on MTV’s Teen Moms OG (Season 5 Episode 9),
& our Weekly Snapchat Show (zenrosegarden) Bedhead Diaries

Bedhead Diaries also archived on Zen Rose Garden’s YouTube Channel (zenrosegarden).


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Heather and David are very intelligent powerful healers. I just had my 1st session, and know my process is just beginning but the way they combined their gifts and expertise and then share that as two healers is brilliant. During the session, when I was scared about what I was feeling, there was a 2nd set of hands that was able to calm my senses through the Reiki and other energy work. That was special. I look forward to continuing this journey and the support they can uniquely provide.

2017-02-11    Las Vegas, NV    Client since February 2017   
It was a wonderful experience  
Author Picture

My session with David and Heather was wonderful I felt like a lot of negative energy that I had been harbouring for sometime was lifted. I left feeling lighter.

2011-11-06    Las Vegas, NV    Client since November 2011   
Chakra Balancing  
Author Picture

The experience was peaceful and relaxing. Both David and Heather were working on my energy flow and chakra balancing and it was awesome. I could feel energy flowing through my body and had my first real meditation experience. I really enjoyed their work, good heartedness and positive energy.

2011-11-14    Las Vegas, NV    Client since August 2011   
Love this place!!!  
Author Picture

I just had a one hour psychic reading from Heather and David. I'm a regular client. The reading was amazing as usual. I've never left their place disappointed. Great team-beautiful healing space.

2017-04-28    Las Vegas, NV    Client since January 2015   
Having Faith In Your Self!  
Author Picture

I have known Heather & David for quite some time I even went to high school with Heathers son Christian. He is one if my best friends. If I can tell you anything about Heather & David is that they have touched my life in so many ways I didn't think possible. They have taught me that positivity & having faith in yourself to do what is needed for you & no one else is most important. To love yourself & find that balance in life & to always feel good every single day of your life!

2017-08-10    Las Vegas, NV    Client since August 2012   
Author Picture

Thank you for an incredible healing experience. After my session, I felt lighter and more joyful and the areas that were being healed in my life released fear that I was not conscious of in my daily life. Very grateful for this experience. It supported me to move forward with grace and love. I'll be back!

2013-12-18    Las Vegas, NV    Client since December 2013   
Life Changing  
Author Picture

David and Heather helped me so so much in the grieving process. They helped me find peace and I will be forever grateful to them. they are beautiful people with a gift for helping people. I would recommend them to anyone who might need a little or a lot of help with any kind of issue. They just have a way of helping you find answers and comfort.

2011-03-23    Las Vegas, NV    Client since March 2011   
What a Relief  
Author Picture

It was so refreshing to meet people who can put me at such ease, and talk about this process so insightfully. I don't feel like a client as much as a student. I hope to learn as much as I can from you two.

2010-10-30    Las Vegas, NV    Client since October 2010   
Past Life  
Author Picture

OMG!!!!! I cant tell you how amazing it was. It was just awesome to understand my self a little more. Heather and David are just awesome people. I am just still amazed

2010-08-10    Las Vegas, NV    Client since August 2010   
Amazing experience  
Author Picture

I think everyone at some pointof their life should visit with David and Heather. They are both very professional and serious about their work . The energy and undivided attention makes you feel like if you have known them all your life. And the experience might change your outlook to life completly. I strongly recommend it.

2010-07-21    Las Vegas, NV    Client since July 2010   

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Start Your Transformation Today!

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David & Heather are here to take you to whatever your next level is. They have created a specialty service called Holistic Integration Therapy (HIT for short) that combines many techniques, tools, and knowledge gained over their extensive work helping people to become their most authentic selves.

They know how to help you get down to and break through whatever is blocking you or holding you back from living your own personal dream. And, if you don’t even know what that is yet, let them help you to unbury that treasure beneath, and start making that dream real!