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I love this work! I was really amazed at the work we covered in the amount of time we had. Both David and Heather know what they are doing, and are very in sync. I have to thank you for offering your first session for free. I look forward to our next session:)

2012-05-19    Las Vegas, NV    Client since May 2012   
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I have been to Zen Rose twice. Once in 2012 and then just recently Jan. 2015. I wish it hadn't taken me so long to return but only you will know when the time is right for you! Both times were very different but also very effective and meaningful. To read more about my most recent experience, check out my blog post

2015-01-27    Las Vegas, NV    Client since March 2012   
Great session!  
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D&H combine many different disciplines into a unique session of healing and self-exploration all at once. Vegas needs their help!

2012-10-27    Las Vegas, NV    Client since October 2012   
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Such a healing and insightful experience! Everything felt very comfortable and natural. My life feels better because of the beautiful work Heather and David helped me do.

2014-10-30    Las Vegas, NV    Client since October 2014   
Great Energy!  
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I had my first session with David and Heather a few days ago and I was very impressed. I am a very nervous/shy person around most people and these two made me feel right at home. I have abuse issues from childhood which make me extremely cautious around others. I had a great time and I didn't feel the slightest bit of discomfort. I look forward to my next session. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

2011-05-05    Las Vegas, NV    Client since April 2011   
Sincere intent...  
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The intent that Heather and David put into my session with them strove to edify my spirit. They act, much like spirit guides, as transports of love. They identified areas that needed addressing and gave unmitigated suggestions. As carriers of light, they are sincere. As warriors of light, they are awesome!

2014-08-21    Las Vegas, NV    Client since August 2014   
The best thing I've ever done  
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Going to see Heather and David was the best thing I've ever done. In time I'd like my whole family to see them, they are that Good. Vegas is knowen for it's fakes, but Heather and David are the real deal. I thank God for the gifts they give of them selfs to help others. Wonderful people and my I say Thank You Heather and David for all that you did to help me.

2012-01-26    Las Vegas, NV    Client since January 2012   
Empowering Clarity Amazing  
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I had an amazing past life reading with extremely gifted Heather & David. The information that was presented to me has given me so much clarity as to who I am and where I am going and why I am doing what I do. Understanding this will help me move forward. Thank you so much.

2011-10-02    Las Vegas, NV    Client since September 2011   
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It was a great experience. Heather and David made me feel comfortable. I look forward to working with them in my healing jorney. I would recommend them anytime. I loved it 🙂

2012-05-14    Las Vegas, NV    Client since May 2012   
Therapy that REALLY gets results!!!  
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After being with them for 3 yrs I got results that supercedes any "psychologically counseling". They get down to the root of the problem for true healing. I have gotten answers from them that no one has been able to provide. I have never been disappointed with any treatment I received from them. They are worth their weight in gold. I love these 2 amazingly gifted human beings & will continue my healing quest of finding my authentic self & learning from them

2013-01-15    Las Vegas, NV    Client since January 2010   

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David & Heather are here to take you to whatever your next level is. They have created a specialty service called Holistic Integration Therapy (HIT for short) that combines many techniques, tools, and knowledge gained over their extensive work helping people to become their most authentic selves.

They know how to help you get down to and break through whatever is blocking you or holding you back from living your own personal dream. And, if you don’t even know what that is yet, let them help you to unbury that treasure beneath, and start making that dream real!