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Standard Holistic Integration Therapy (HIT) Session

With Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD & David A. Caren, CHt

Based in Las Vegas, NV

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1 Hour Holistic Integration Therapy (HIT) Session
David & Heather have created a unique technique they call Holistic Integration Therapy (HIT) where they combine techniques from Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Subconscious Programming, Shamanism & Psychology to help you journey into your underworld to face your blocks and find the power to become your most authentic self.

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David and Heather are the best. I was very nervous about my session (I had a past life regression) and they made me feel safe, relaxed, and ready. Their work is absolutely phenomenal and exceeded my expectations. I thought I would be too nervous to really have a good session and they proved me wrong. I got a lot of clarity from my session about patterns that repeat in my life. I highly recommend them, for any work you're looking to have done.

2016-02-16    Las Vegas, NV    Client since February 2016   
True Healers!  
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I had tried everything to deal with my stuff, I mean everything. All it took was one visit back to David and Heather to finally help me break through my wall. I had seen them a year ago, and they were amazing then. But this time, the hypnotherapy they did on me was life changing...I can't express enough gratitude and appreciation for them and their authenticity!

2015-01-25    Las Vegas, NV    Client since April 2013   
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I had an amazing experince with David and Heather. I felt so safe and I am blessed to have experienced their healing hands and positive energy. They helped me to get answers from within and beyond and I am truly grateful for the time that I spent with them.

2012-03-29    Las Vegas, NV    Client since March 2012   
Incredible connection & experience  
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As always the experience with Heather & David is amazing.. Love you guys.. Everything always becomes very clear.. Thank you!!!

2015-03-20    Las Vegas, NV    Client since May 2012   
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Very gifted and knowledgable healers. Got right to the root cause and started the healing process with techniques for how to continue the spiritual healing process

2017-07-23    Las Vegas, NV    Client since July 2017   
Very enlighting  
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I felt comfortable with David and heather the moment I walked in. They listened to my concerns are were on point with my reading. I highly recommend and will be back..

2015-07-23    Las Vegas, NV    Client since July 2015   
First Meeting and Session  
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Honestly the experience was amazing. I was greeted with a hug, conversation was the first order of business until a solid rapport had been established and then we were off to the races. The session was a synergistic blend of all the wonderful healing services David and Heather offer... Craniosacral therapy, hypnosis, energy work and intuitive counseling. Needless to say there were quite a few AH HA moments. I highly recommend their services. Many thanks to David & Heather.

2011-12-25    Las Vegas, NV    Client since December 2011   
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This is one of the few places I make regular appointments because I get results. I love that the two of them have a background in psychology. It helps when dealing with interpersonal relationships to have a sounding board that doubles as a cranial sacral provider. I've gotten some pretty stones and essential oils here too.

2014-01-17    Las Vegas, NV    Client since March 2012   
Incredible Pain Relief!  
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I went to see David & Heather, mainly for some back problems that were not resolving with years of yoga, massage, Rolfing, chiropractic, pain meds & muscle relaxants. They are able to zero in on areas & issues I hadn't mentioned before. I have physically released pains I've been carrying around for years. I've been setting & achieving goals & kicking butt professionally. My relationships are healthier, my attitude has improved, & I feel a sense of confidence & well-being I've never had before.

2013-04-24    Las Vegas, NV    Client since August 2012   
Riki Session  
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Heather and David-were amazing and helped me get over a hurdle that I've been carrying for a long time- Every time I have a session it's like coming home. Thank you for listening to me! Verena

2016-07-12    Las Vegas, NV    Client since December 2013   

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Start Your Transformation Today!

Let Us Help You Change Your Life!

David & Heather are here to take you to whatever your next level is. They have created a specialty service called Holistic Integration Therapy (HIT for short) that combines many techniques, tools, and knowledge gained over their extensive work helping people to become their most authentic selves.

They know how to help you get down to and break through whatever is blocking you or holding you back from living your own personal dream. And, if you don’t even know what that is yet, let them help you to unbury that treasure beneath, and start making that dream real!