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July 01, 2010 - Vol 1, Issue 7
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Las Vegas, Reiki, Intuitive, Counseling, Spiritual, Guidance, Past Life, Regression, Therapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist, Vegas, NV
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Las Vegas, Reiki, Intuitive, Counseling, Spiritual, Guidance, Past Life, Regression, Therapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist, Vegas, NV
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Las Vegas, Reiki, Intuitive, Counseling, Spiritual, Guidance, Past Life, Regression, Therapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist, Vegas, NV 
We've added meditation stones & we'll be adding oil burners soon.
Dear Reader,
Las Vegas Life Coach, Reiki, Past Life Regression, & Hypnotherapy

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our amazing family. Heather and I love to stay in contact with all of our amazing clients and friends, and this is the best way to make that happen.

It's been awhile since our last issue, and we've been growing and expanding all the while. We now have our new healing room set up and ready to go. It's more spacious and Feng Shui Specialist Approved!

A special thank you to everyone who makes each and every one of our mixers such an amazing experience! This mixer, we did some very interesting exercises to open people up to exchanging energy and healing. Everyone paired off in threes and took turns passing energy to each other, and figuring out where it was and what it felt like. Then each group picked one person to send energy to and where they needed it most. We had a great time, and everyone learned to trust their intuition, and what energy feels like.

We've gotten a new order of stronger, deep meditation stones such as Green Jade (stone of serenity), Prehnite* (stone to heal the healer), Lepidolite (stone of transition), Bloodstone (courage in transformation), as well as Essential Oils, oil burners, and more for sale. Check them out next time you come in.

A reminder that our next mixer will be Sunday August 29th 5PM at our place. (Yes, we know... that's August... I did say we've been busy, right?) We'll be doing Chocolate Fondue, Raspberries, and Angel Food Cake.

We hope to inspire and uplift you as we share tips, thoughts and information as well as things we've learned along our own path.

Stones, Oils & Herbs

Green Jade Nephrite
Stone of Serenity
Las Vegas, Spiritual Counseling, Life Coach, Reiki, Past Life Regression, & Hypnotherapy

Green Jade Nephrite is associated with the Heart Chakra.

This stone is a symbol of purity, peace, and serenity.

Green Jade also brings wisdom gained in a tranquil space, protection, and nurturing.

This is a stone of harmony and an attractor of good luck and friendship.

Green Jade assists in the recognition of the spiritual nature of self to help with the integration of physical self and spirit self.

On a more physical level, Green Jade brings physical healing related to kidneys, fluid balance, acid/alkaline rations, hips, spleen, removal of toxins, and assistance in fertility and childbirth.

Green Jade specifically calms the nervous system, channels passion constructively and is a harmonizer for relationship dysfunction.

Meditations, Incantations & Intentions
Las Vegas, Spiritual Counseling, Life Coach, Reiki, Past Life Regression, & Hypnotherapy

Perpetual Spiritual & Energetic Renewal

Heather participated in an exercise in college where the group passed energy around a circle with the intention of understanding energy flow and how to use it to heal. There was a range of differing reactions including one man who broke off dramatically, right in the middle of the exercise, stating that the others were draining him. Because this man was operating from a state of fear, the opposite reaction took place. He reacted to the other people's energy passing through his auric field with panic, not realizing that he could just allow it to pass through him and as a result blocked the flow of energy in his own body.

The truth is, no one can "drain" your energy without your permission. In fact if you have a lot of fear of having your energy sucked away by others, you can unintentionally spark a subconscious offensive perimeter and end up draining them! In other words, living in a fear of being "energetically vampired" can actually turn you into one as you create your own fear-based control dramas about being the victim!

The Imaginary Star

If you find yourself having a fear of being "sucked" on. Try this mental exercise: Imagine that you are a shiny star flying through space. You are on your own trajectory as you travel along. Dust particles, space gases, and random galactic space junk fly around you. Some of it flies right through you, some of it burns up when it gets close to you and some of it bounces right off. But, you are enjoying your travel through space, your energy is bouncing all around and coming back, these energies intersect with you, you learn from them, and they pass right on by. You are not stressed out or worried about them or fear that they will mess up your Shiny Star Mojo.

Recognize that even though different energies may interact with your energy on a daily basis, the only one who truly has control of what ultimately stays in your energy field is you. You are in more control if you are not operating from a state of fear, panic and a perpetual need to be protected. By relinquishing these things within yourself you more easily allow energy to float in and pass through or simply just bounce off in a healthy way. As a healer this is a powerful tool that helps you detach from the energy in order to observe without fear and to choose a course of action unfettered by negative emotion. Make no mistake, you choose to hold on to other people's energy or to let it pass through. Think of it as operating from The Christ Energy. Out of fear, Jesus was highly criticized by the spiritual powers of the time for hanging out with "questionable" people. He followed truth and healed effectively because he refused to operate from the fear that dark energies would stick to him or that the "questionable" people who were in need of healing and emotional release would "drain" away his energy.

Establishing a Healthy Energetic Renewal Cycle

Now imagine that you are encased in an egg shaped bubble of light. This bubble is your natural energy field. You are moving like the star on your trajectory through life on earth. Imagine rays of light coming in through the top of the bubble through your crown down through all of your chakras and out through the bottoms of your feet flushing out anything that doesn't belong there. The energy flow continues through to the center of the earth to be recycled and purified and along the way picks up a big chunk of powerful earth energy. Now the energy cycles back up through your feet all the way back up through your chakras and out through the top of your head. You may notice that this is a large loop of light that connects you to source and to the center of the earth. Practice this exercise until it becomes a natural and easy flow. Take it a step further and extend your hands out to feel the effects of the healing energy tingling outward. Realize that you are already plugged in, and by letting go of fear and constriction you can allow yourself to remain in the flow to be perpetually renewed spiritually, energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Heather Rodriguez & David Caren

Las Vegas, NV 

July 1, 2010

Satoris & Kenshōs
Satori: A Japanese term for sudden intuitive enlightenment or spiritual awareness; an epiphany leading to deep spiritual experience.

Seeing one's true nature or self, illuminating experiences escalating from briefer glimpses into the nature of mind, building to expansion and enlightenment.

Las Vegas, Spiritual Counseling, Life Coach, Reiki, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy

De-mystifying Mysticism

...as you would have them do unto you?

(An excerpt from the upcoming book De-mystifying Mysticism)

A key concept in the Judeo-Christian world, and indeed universally is, "Do unto others as you would have them do to you".

A simple and beautiful concept, but what is the piece missing before that?

I believe this concept operates under a premise that we know how to treat ourselves with love and respect in the first place.

  1. Can we know how we should treat others if we have not practiced how to treat ourselves with love and respect?
  2. Can we expect to be treated well if we have not put the practice of treating self well into motion?
Granted, intellectually, we have a pretty good idea of what this concept means, but initiating self-respect and self-love in our daily lives are key components to understanding the deeper, subtler aspects of this spiritual practice.

Taking a closer look at this simple phrase, we can see that there are many layers to be uncovered and much to be learned about self and others by consciously implementing this practice.

This practice is just that, something that needs to be practiced.

While it is wonderful to be a receptor of energy from another person who is "treating us well" we cannot rely solely on this. It is important to be a generator of your own energy for a more complete healthy energetic exchange when interactions with others arise.

Be Responsible To SELF

We have a responsibility to ourselves, energetically, spiritually, physically and mentally. By creating the vibration of self-love and self-respect, we send out to others the subconscious message of how we would like to be treated.

Whatever your concept of "judgment" after death is, would it not be a reasonable assumption that part of that judgment would be not only how you have treated others but how you have treated self?

Look at Me! Look at Me!

Many people are spiritual busy-bees trying to score enough "doing good to others" points to gain admission to the Kingdom Of Heaven. This very simple concept can become skewed when people give to others mostly to get their good works noticed. The doing can be an addiction done for the approval of others. Although "good" is still happening, it is being done mainly as a means to gain energy by seeking the euphoric high of approval and kudos from others.

Don't Overdo It!

There is a common misconception and stereotype that a great artist has to be "tortured", "moody" or "temperamental". This is not true. By the same token, a spiritual person doesn't have to be in a constant state of "agony" or "self-sacrifice" to be on the path. While giving without expectation can be an amazing tool as a means to greater good, it can be detrimental to self-worth if taken past the point of healthy growth. Too often it is a subconscious urge, prompting us to do too much without self-regeneration and healing.

Don't Be an Energetic Martyr

One step farther in the wrong direction is when one adopts the role of self-sacrificing energetic martyr when it is not necessary. This can evolve into a means of feeding on the energy of others. They continue the behavior to receive a kind of twisted praise for the act of bleeding until they have nothing left as some kind of badge of honor. There are those who choose this role and those who choose to enable it. The "enablers" might give reassurance through comments like "you poor thing, you always give so much without any thought for yourself". If you find yourself saying this to someone or someone saying this to you, a little re-direction might be in order. Encourage a break, while you make a self-check about your intentions, let someone else do for awhile and drive to the well to fill up your canteen!!

Establish Boundaries

Know your own boundaries; pay attention to your personal warning signs that you are giving away too much of your energy.

Consider the image of a plane experiencing a drop in cabin pressure. The flight attendant always advises you to place the oxygen masks on yourself first and then assist others to position the oxygen masks on themselves.

The Back and Forth

On the other hand, when self-worth is at a low, much can be learned about how you wish to be treated by trial and error if kept in a healthy perspective. This process then becomes a back and forth of trying things out until you see what makes you feel good about yourself by the way you treat others. The trick is to take what you have learned and apply it to yourself.

Love Yourself

Once you have established a healthy energetic baseline of "treating yourself with love and respect", treating others well becomes its own reward, and will be a natural part of your life. By establishing this energy you create a vibration of Self-Worth which in turn makes you feel WORTHY to give to others. Psychologically you have more to give because you are not stuck in a "hoarding" mentality of conserving your energetic resources because you feel you do not have enough. It then becomes easy and effortless because you have practiced and established a kind of automatic spiritual internal renewal.

Heather Rodriguez
Las Vegas, NV
July 1, 2010

"A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her."
~ David Brinkley

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."
~ Vincent Van Gogh

"It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to."
~ W.C. Fields

"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong."
~ Peter T. Mcintyre

Thanks for being a wonderful part of our family.

We want to write about what you want to read about, so let us know what you want to learn, and we'll write about it in one of our newsletters.

If you ever have topics you'd like to know more about, let us know. We always enjoy expanding our own awareness, as well as sharing that with you.

David & Heather