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October 1, 2010 - Vol 1, Issue 10
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Satoris & Kenshos
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Las Vegas, Reiki, Intuitive, Counseling, Spiritual, Guidance, Past Life, Regression, Therapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist, Vegas, NV
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Las Vegas, Reiki, Intuitive, Counseling, Spiritual, Guidance, Past Life, Regression, Therapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist, Vegas, NV
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Las Vegas, Reiki, Intuitive, Counseling, Spiritual, Guidance, Past Life, Regression, Therapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist, Vegas, NV 
We've added meditation stones & we'll be adding oil burners soon.
Dear Reader,
Las Vegas Life Coach, Reiki, Past Life Regression, & Hypnotherapy

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our amazing family. Heather and I love to stay in contact with all of our amazing clients and friends, and this is the best way to make that happen.

As always, we've been busy, busy little bees. We've got a new Mediumship & Psychic Training Program up and coming. This program is designed to be a shorter process to activate and open our psychic senses and connect to loved ones or other who have already transitioned. If you want to get started, let us know.

A special thank you to everyone who makes each and every one of our mixers such an amazing experience! We're looking forward to this Sunday with excitement!

This just in: California White Sage Smudge Sticks or Loose Sage! White Sage Smudge Sticks $5.00 Loose Sage $5.00

We've gotten a new order of stronger, deep meditation stones such as Green Jade ($3) (stone of serenity), Prehnite * ($3) (stone to heal the healer *AKA the Holy Crap Stone!!! See Past Issues ), Lepidolite ($3) (stone of transition), Bloodstone ($2) (courage in transformation), as well as Essential Oils ($10 1/2 Oz), ceramic oil burners ($5.00), and more for sale. Check them out next time you come in.

We will also be putting up a few special webpages to request any essential oils or stones or other metaphysical tools. I'll be sending a special email when that gets posted.

A reminder that our next mixer will be Sunday October 24th 5PM at our place. This will be a week earlier than usual as we'll be heading to Southern California for Halloween (and our anniversary).

We hope to inspire and uplift you as we share tips, thoughts and information as well as things we've learned along our own path.

Stones, Oils & Herbs

Sandalwood Essential Oil
Spiritual Awakening
Las Vegas Life Coach, Reiki, Past Life Regression,


Sandalwood oil is widely used in fragrances for both men and women. It is sweet, relaxing and exotic and is also used in massage oils and incense. From an aromatherapy standpoint, it facilitates spiritual practice, calms irritation, restores equilibrium and quiets the mind.

It is associated with the base and crown chakras and is used to help Kundalini rise in meditative practices bringing the root sexual energy up for transmutation to spiritual wisdom.

Therapeutically it is excellent for nervousness, stress, anxiety and depression. It is also used for urinary tract infection, chronic bronchitis and for balancing and hydrating the skin.

Meditations, Incantations & Intentions

Las Vegas Life Coach, Reiki, Past Life Regression, & Hypnotherapy

The "Clairs"
Understanding Your Psychic Senses

Knowing and understanding your primary mode or modes of reception are an important part of developing Psychic and Mediumistic abilities. Understanding that this mortal body is but a shell and that our natural state of being and senses are simply being muffled by the heavy state of human existence is the first step to realizing that it is your divine gift and right to be able to plug into and communicate with the realm of Spirit from which you came and are a part of.

Think of each of your psychic senses as an extension of your physical senses.

Using Your Natural Meditation Time

The state between waking and sleeping is our most natural meditation state. By using this time to practice expanding your psychic senses, you also set up your dream time to expand the work you begin before you sleep.

Clairvoyance (Seeing)

If your primary mode is Clairvoyance you are a "see-er" or seer. Close your eyes and focus on a point in the center of your forehead. You may see a point of light, a shape or nothing at all. If you are not primarily visual and something visual does not immediately appear, shift your focus to creating a feeling, sound or shift in temperature behind your third eye. As you train yourself to remain in this state for longer periods your visuals should expand. At first you may notice blurs, shapes of faces or objects and even geometrical shapes. See what emerges and allow it to develop. Don't be discouraged if nothing seems to be coming through. Switch to one of the other senses as a focus and keep moving forward.

Clairaudience (Hearing)

Listen to the sounds in your ears, in the air or whatever sound happens to catch your attention. You may notice a sort of white noise sound that is a natural part of your psychic radio signal. Tune into this sound until you notice variations in pitch, tone and sound. Just play with these sounds from your inner ears or from outside of yourself, allowing yourself to be lost and integrated with the sound and see what develops. As you practice in different areas you will notice subtle and even dramatic changes in the sounds coming in. You will notice that not only do you become more sensitive to sounds beyond normal hearing, but you become more sensitive to other types of sound in the environment such as electronic noise and natural sounds. Most musicians and sound recording engineers have highly developed sensitivity to sounds that others may not hear. Most however, do not take it further to utilize these already prepared muscles for Clairaudience.

Clairsavourance (Tasting), Clairscent (Smelling)

These are the two least common of the Clairs and tend to present themselves more randomly than the others but they can play a significant role when they do come in. For instance: when the smell of a certain perfume announces the presence of a passed loved one. As with Clairaudience, notice the scents and tastes present in your environment. Notice the taste in your own mouth and the scents in the room. It may be helpful to burn your favorite incense as you do this to give you a focal point. Follow these sensations to a point of deep knowing as if you were looking at a leaf under a microscope.

Clairsentience (Knowing), Clairempathy (Feeling), Clairtangency (Touching) (AKA Psychometry)

If your primary mode is Clairsentience you are a "feeler". Pay attention to different body sensations as you drift into your in-between state. You may feel a buzz in your third eye, a touch of nausea or even a cramp in your leg. Be aware of your body sensations. Remember, this is about exercising the muscles. Like the other exercises, allow yourself to be lost in the feelings and sensations that come up and see where they take you. Another way to stimulate the touch modes is to place your hands on your body and notice the physical sensations that change when you do this.

Heather Rodriguez & David Caren

Las Vegas, NV
October 1, 2010

Satoris & Kenshōs
Satori: A Japanese term for sudden intuitive enlightenment or spiritual awareness; an epiphany leading to deep spiritual experience.

Seeing one's true nature or self, illuminating experiences escalating from briefer glimpses into the nature of mind, building to expansion and enlightenment.

Las Vegas, Life Coach, Reiki, Energy Work, Past Life Regression,
De-mystifying Mysticism
The Essence Of Spirit
(An excerpt from the upcoming book De-mystifying Mysticism )

David's Experience

Many people experience the loss of a loved one, or someone they know. It's a fact of life that eventually we all have to deal with death. When that happens, many people experience something that challenges their awareness of reality. Because it's not typically something talked about openly, many of us only have a limited awareness to pull from, most of which is dramatized and distorted through media, film, and old belief systems. I was one such person who experienced a major shift of reality when my brother passed suddenly about 15 years ago. Because I didn't really know what to expect, I could only draw on what was taught to me, and what I gleaned from the world around me. Since that earth shattering experience, my awareness was seriously challenged, and my belief systems clarified through experience, understanding, and awareness. Recreating a relationship with my brother where he is now worked so much better when I let go of the expectation of what that death transition was and followed what felt right for me. Now, I have a relationship with my brother that is just as meaningful, if not more so, than when he was in physical form.

New, let's break this experience of recreating a relationship with loved ones down into elements that make sense.

The Matter Of Spirit Communication

As a daughter of a scientist and mystic, I grew up discussing the Nature of The Universe from both points of view in harmony. My dad; who had been a NASA scientist and Theologian, and I would on many starlit nights walk around the block and observe the constellations. He would tell me how many of the stars we observed no longer exist as stars. The light that had traveled within range of our vision still gave us pleasure in the observation of beauty, but the physical life of that star had long since passed. This he told me was the nature of matter; matter does not disappear but becomes something new. The nature of that star still existed in the light we observed, but it emanated from a far off place not visible to the human eye, so that we could not comprehend its full nature from our perspective. The physical matter that once was the star had moved on to a new state of being as did the light, or spirit essence of that star.

Matter Changes, Never Ceases To Exist

Thus it is with our souls. Though our physical bodies cease to have the light of our soul star, the light still exists and the physical matter that was once joined with our spiritual matter continues and changes into a new state of physical matter. We still retain our soul essence or individuality; like the light of each unique star in the sky, so is our soul star.

The mystery of this can never be logically understood but only felt. As we look at the sky we do not think immediately that what we perceive no longer exists. We know that it exists and we feel it with a knowing that surpasses scientific knowledge and proof. Even if someone were to tell us that the light we see comes from an object that no longer is "alive" we see it with our eyes and on a soul level reject that this light is "dead".

Recreating A Relationship

If we were always to stay inside on beautiful starry nights, we may begin to forget what it feels like to see a starlit sky. So it is if we disconnect with our loved ones when they pass over. We believe they no longer exist in a way that will be possible to continue relationships with them. We can re-create this relationship. Just because our loved one changes physical matter does not mean that their soul matter ceases to exist. If we can approach this with a knowing and without fear or misperception of reality, we open a doorway to spirit communication and continued connection with those in spirit. We need only to go outside and look up at the starry sky to remind us.

As we search for religion or spiritual path, we are ultimately seeking to know the Truth of Immortality. Knowing that all roads lead to home in that search can be a comfort as we seek a path that takes us there.

Letting Go Of Fear

Like stars, there are points of light that act as windows through which clues from the other side can enter. We need only look for them to see that they are there. If we dispel the fear and uncertainty of spirit communication that was instilled and misrepresented long ago by culture and old belief systems (now reinforced for one, by the Hollywood movie industry) we can begin to see more clearly the true nature of spirit communication. When we get past this "freak out" we open our minds to realize that our fears are irrational. After all, we came from the spirit world. Think about it this way; in essence those of us living an earth existence are "away at college".

Why should we be afraid when the phone rings with news from home?

Heather Rodriguez & David Caren
Las Vegas, NV
October 1, 2010

"Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come."
~ Rabindranath Tagore

"For what is it to die, but to stand in the sun and melt in the wind? And when the Earth has claimed our limbs, then we shall truly dance."
~ Kahlil Gibran

"While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil."
~ John Taylor

"For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come!"
~ William Shakespeare

Thanks for being a wonderful part of our family.

We want to write about what you want to read about, so let us know what you want to learn, and we'll write about it in one of our newsletters.

If you ever have topics you'd like to know more about, let us know. We always enjoy expanding our own awareness, as well as sharing that with you.

David & Heather