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April 1, 2011 - Vol 2, Issue 4
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Las Vegas, Reiki, Intuitive, Counseling, Spiritual, Guidance, Past Life, Regression, Therapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist, Vegas, NV
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Las Vegas, Reiki, Intuitive, Counseling, Spiritual, Guidance, Past Life, Regression, Therapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist, Vegas, NV
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Las Vegas, Reiki, Intuitive, Counseling, Spiritual, Guidance, Past Life, Regression, Therapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist, Vegas, NV 
We've added meditation stones & we'll be adding oil burners soon.
Dear Reader,
Las Vegas Life Coach, Reiki, Past Life Regression, & Hypnotherapy
Thank you for continuing to be a part of our amazing family. Heather and I love to stay in contact with all of our amazing clients and friends, and this is the best way to make that happen.

With Easter (Ostara) this month, we'll be bringing more on Spring Cleaning, connecting with Nature, and doing our own work. Even if Spring may not be our time of cleaning the house or our environment, our Spirit does tend to follow these natural cycles of cleaning our internal environment.

A special thank you to everyone who makes each and every one of our mixers such an amazing experience! We'll be heading to Southern California next weekend followed by a week in San Francisco, May 11th - 17th for more Cranio-Sacral Training. We look forward to seeing those of you who can attend our next mixer Saturday April 23rd at 5PM.

We now have most of our Essential Oils available online, or for purchase in person in Las Vegas. We also have Incense including the Famous Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa & Super Hit, more oils and stones including Celestite Clusters ranging in price from $20 - $40, and a fill your own stone bag for $5.00. High Vibrating Tibetan Quartz Double Terminated & AA+ Quality $7 - $12, Laser Quartz $5, & Quartz Points $3 - $10.

Check out some of our selections available:
Sun's Eye Gemscents
Bloodstone Gemscents Essential Oil  |  Clear Quartz Gemscents Essential Oil  |  Lapis Lazuli Gemscents Essential Oil  |  Moonstone Gemscents Essential Oil  |  Rose Quartz Gemscents Essential Oil  |  Tiger's Eye Gemscents Essential Oil
Sun's Eye Mystic Blends
Garden Of Delight Essential Oil  |  Money Drawing Essential Oil
Sun's Eye Specialty Oils
Dragon's Blood Essential Oil

Also, we still have plenty of other goodies available: California White Sage Smudge Sticks or Loose Sage! White Sage Smudge Sticks $5.00 Loose Sage $5.00

Don't forget about our stronger, deep meditation stones such as Sardonyx ($3) (stone of improved perception), Banded Amethyst ($3) (stone of protection & awareness), Moonstone ($3) (stone of new beginnings), Green Jade ($3) (stone of serenity), Prehnite * ($3) (stone to heal the healer *AKA the Holy Crap Stone!!! See Past Issues ), Lepidolite ($3) (stone of transition), Bloodstone ($2) (courage in transformation), as well as a massive supply of Essential Oils ($10 1/2 Oz), ceramic oil burners ($5.00), and more for sale. Check them out next time you come in.

A reminder that we will be resuming our mixer schedule Saturday, April 23rd 5PM.

We hope to inspire and uplift you as we share tips, thoughts and information as well as things we've learned along our own path.

Stones, Oils & Herbs

Spirit Guide Mystic Blends
Essential Oil
With Acacia Flowers for Spirit Communication

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Mystic Blends are traditional formulas that are meant to enhance and promote the positive atmospheres for which they are named. These oils are hand blended and contain dried herbs for vibrational enhancement.

Acacia Flowers have been worn to aid meditation and clairvoyance, psychic powers, for protection.

The Spirit Guide Oil is one of our three main oils that we use in many of our sessions to open up our clients to connecting with their own Spirit Guides and receiving messages more clearly.

Spirit Guide Essential Oil will aid you with your psychic powers and will help you develop your Psychic Awareness.

Acacia is said to be a good aid if you are looking for the right words to say or a little encouragement.

Acacia Flowers also aid in achieving wisdom, help with visions, prophetic dreams, and attracting money to you.

Acacia Essential Oil is also used for annointing and protection as well as a deeper spirituality.

Meditations, Incantations & Intentions

Las Vegas, Meditation, Life, Life is meditation, How to meditate, What is meditation

Reconnecting With the Elements
A Meditation

A Simple System of Balance

The Elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air have been part of early primal belief systems in every part of the world from the beginning of time. Occasionally these Elements were personified as deities or as various animals to express different aspects of the one Higher Power. This system has weathered the test of time in the modern era; still being used in spiritual practices of the Native Americans, Asian philosophies and many others.

News at Five for Early Man

Early humans didn't have CNN to let them know there was a hurricane on its way or that war was raging in the next geographical region so they practiced connecting to and channeling the Elemental Energies to receive information about their relationship to the world, themselves and the Higher Power. As the world became more and more industrialized, people drifted away from this primal first connection, losing much of a once joyful identification with the Earth and everything else that was an extension of that connection like Personal Spirituality, instinct and intuition.

We have been trying to get that connection back ever since.

Intuition and gut instinct must be reached with our primal mind

Intuition, gut instinct and the world of the subconscious are deeply imbedded in the primal root mind and are best accessed not by reason and logic but by feeling and trust. Thus, as man's logical mind became "smarter" he buried away any "primitive" concepts that could not be accessed by fact and reason deep into the subconscious and his intuitive mind got "dumber". In other words; it lost much of its ability to speak.

There is simple wisdom in this basic system of balance

All areas of life can be thought about in terms of Elemental Balance. If something feels off in your relationship or within yourself, go through each of the descriptions below and see which Elements seem to be weak. Be creative in coming up with fun ways to bring them back into balance.

Let's Break it Down


Represents practical matters and survival. Money issues, providing food, shelter and basic needs for self and others are all considered Earth balance.

Earth Elemental Balance Self Check:

Are you taking care of business or are you shirking basic responsibilities? If you are unemployed are you actively trying to find creative ways to care for yourself and your loved ones? Do you feel like others should take care of you or are you motivated to take care of your own basic needs? Are you combative or defensive when discussing money or basic needs issues with your mate or others?


Represents our ambitions, drives and passions. It motivates us to make things happen that excite us and to try new things. Fire gets us moving in the right direction and is behind all of our passionate and creative appetites including food, sex, art and music. Fire is the thing that gives us the passion and courage to go forward and meet new challenges.

Fire Elemental Balance Self Check:

Do you lack motivation or courage or have an overwhelming sense of apathy? Do you seem to have a lack of passion for everything including sex, food, art or music? Are you crippled by fear of some kind?


Symbolizes the emotions. When our emotions are in control and calm like a peaceful still lake, the Element of Water is in balance. When our emotions are out of control or when emotions are controlling us, the Element of Water is out of balance. Picture a Tsunami or Tidal Wave or being carried down rapids with no control over your destination.

Water Elemental Balance Self Check:

Do your emotions seem to be controlling you? In confrontations with others are you able to communicate calmly without becoming overwhelmed with rage, anger or other extreme outbursts of emotion? Are you easily upset by other people's choices that do not agree with your own or do you allow others their free will without judgment? Do you use your outbursts of emotion to control others in some way?


Represents the realm of the Mental and Logical. The presence of Air in relationships with others or self means that you are keeping intellectual stimulation in the equation. Without new mental challenges, things to figure out and new ideas to ponder, our minds become lazy and operate sluggishly.

Air Elemental Balance Self Check:

Do you have a sense of boredom, restlessness or apathy? Are you easily distracted? Do you find yourself not being able to focus on things that used to hold your attention? Do you find that you and your significant other seem to have nothing left to talk about?

Work With Nature, Not Against It

If we learn to work with the Elemental Powers that govern nature and not against it, we can help clear the line to our intuition and instinct; allowing them to come into balance with our modern logical brain.

Try a simple visualization exercise to get in touch with the elements and feel what its like to bring them into your energy field.

Find a quiet place; outside in nature if the weather is nice or some other peaceful spot.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply until you feel a deep sense of relaxation.

First bring in the sensation of Earth. Imagine yourself lying in soft dirt or grass, maybe on a large flat rock on top of a mountain, or perhaps in the sand on a beach. Let your body relax into the sensation of Earth until you feel yourself merge with it. Gently breathe in Earth energy.

When you are ready switch to Fire; gently transition from Earth by shifting something in your imagination. For example if you were on top of a mountain, switch your focus to the sun above you. Imagine feeling it on your skin. Pull a piece of that fiery sun inside; let it expand and energize you. Imagine it flushing out anything that is holding you back from moving forward.

Next allow yourself to be cooled by the sensation of Water. Come back from your warm sunny mountain top or wherever you chose to be and float in a cool river of water, relax under a waterfall or feel a spring rain washing over you. Connect with the feeling of Water. Imagine letting some raindrops land on your tongue and drink them down.

After refreshing yourself with Water; transition to Air. Imagine yourself becoming lighter and weightlessly lifting up into the Sky. Float around in the clouds, soar above the Earth or imagine flying to a remote location you have always wanted to visit. Feel the sensation of Air rushing around you and becoming part of you. Imagine you are able to harness that power and FLY!

Notice any thoughts that pop in to your mind relating to life areas as you meditate through these Elements. There might be something out of balance you hadn't thought about before.

Don't Worry!

Don't worry if at first you can't feel these sensations. For those who have been out of touch or have never connected with their personal energy it might take some time to wake it back up. Have patience and know that it is working!

Heather Rodriguez & David Caren

Las Vegas, NV
April 1, 2011

Satoris & Kenshōs
Satori: A Japanese term for sudden intuitive enlightenment or spiritual awareness; an epiphany leading to deep spiritual experience.

Seeing one's true nature or self, illuminating experiences escalating from briefer glimpses into the nature of mind, building to expansion and enlightenment.

Las Vegas, Life Coach, Reiki, Energy Work, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy
De-mystifying Mysticism
We Must Each Do Our Own Work
(An excerpt from the upcoming book De-mystifying Mysticism )

Being an Example

Ask to be shown your part, not someone else's

Sometimes as helpers, we fall into the trap of asking for answers on behalf of others and lose sight of the real work we have to do; our own. You can help others more by seeking and accepting answers first for yourself. So, how do you find a balance in these types of situations? Simply ask to be shown your part.

Sometimes, the answer is "Do Nothing" and we become frustrated because there wasn't a definite call to action; thinking that we haven't gotten an answer. This frustration could be an indication that you are still trying to get answers for someone else and need to readdress your motivation and reconfirm your answer. If this is the case, ask again, BE STILL and ALLOW.

Don't be a hypocrite; clean your own house first

When we see issues or behaviors that bother us in other people, the helper in us may want to converge on them and offer them solutions when they haven't asked for help or are not ready. Look at the part within you that has been called to action; it may be an indication that you are trying to heal some part of yourself through someone else. Look inside for guidance to see if you are avoiding something and need to begin your own work in that area.

Remember that old Bible verse about taking care of the speck in your own eye first?

"And why worry about a speck in your friend's eye when you have a log in your own? How can you think of saying to your friend, 'Let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,' when you can't see past the log in your own eye? Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend's eye." (Matthew 7: 3-5 New Living Translation)

With simple wisdom, The Master Healer, Jesus gives us the formula for healing ourselves and helping others to heal; Step Onto The Path First Yourself.

You don't have to be a Super Healer!

When we begin to work on specific issues within ourselves, we become a beacon for others. We begin to notice others who are ready, coming to us for assistance in one of those areas. Now, we are sharing our journey with others instead of trying to force our opinions on them.

Knowledge is now shared in a healthy way because we have allowed truth to come through us instead of being a projection of our own neglected wounds. Remember, you need not be perfect in all things "Healing" to help others now; you just need to be doing the work. This is the true path of Healing.

Healing won't start if you still want to be a Victim

Sometimes we feel called to help or correct others because we think they are hurting us directly in some way. This is normally an illusion or perception of our ego or Conscious Mind; allowing ourselves to be hurt by the actions if others. So we try to change others by making them see the error of their ways. This is not in line with the principle of Free Will; this is Force. We cannot see the total beauty of their personal plan, what they are learning or why they need to be disconnected from their inner guidance as we see it. We must let go with faith that there is a purpose at work; we must allow them to learn in the way that is best for them, not for us. We free ourselves from this suffering when we accept that these perceptions live inside our mind and not outside it no matter how much we try to place the blame elsewhere.

Walk the Walk

As we continue to do our own work, we realize that those we thought needed to be "fixed" with our brilliant plan for their salvation really just needed our love, encouragement and example. As we build courage to go inside to truly seek ourselves, we may not think others are noticing. You will be surprised to find those we previously sought to bring to the error of their ways have been silently observing us all along to see if indeed we are practicing what we preach. Our example is greater motivation for others than all the "mental strong-arming" or clever-well-thought-out-speeches in the world.

As you connect to your inner guidance, listen, take action for yourself and find peace; others who are ready and willing will have courage to do the same.

Heather Rodriguez & David Caren
Las Vegas, NV
April 1, 2011


" Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. "

~Thomas Kempis, Imitation of Christ, c.1420


" You've got a lot of choices. If getting out of bed in the morning is a chore and you're not smiling on a regular basis, try another choice. "

~Steven D. Woodhull


" Remember, if you're headed in the wrong direction, God allows U-turns! "

~Allison Gappa Bottke


" If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree. "

~Jim Rohn


" Give thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow. "

~Fernanda Miramontes-Landeros


" Never miss an opportunity to make others happy, even if you have to leave them alone in order to do it. "

~Author Unknown


" Sometimes it's more important to be human, than to have good taste. "



" The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile. "



" I would not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum. "

~Frances Willard


" People cannot go wrong, if you don't let them. They cannot go right, unless you let them. "

~Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare


" I make the most of all that comes and the least of all that goes. "

~Sara Teasdale, "The Philosopher"


" Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. "

~Theodore Roosevelt

Thanks for being a wonderful part of our family.

We want to write about what you want to read about, so let us know what you want to learn, and we'll write about it in one of our newsletters.

If you ever have topics you'd like to know more about, let us know. We always enjoy expanding our own awareness, as well as sharing that with you.

David & Heather