Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone Bracelets from Zen Rose Garden’s Wearable Crystal Medicine Line! Our single stone bracelets are made by Reiki Healers to aid empowerment, continued healing & self-improvement. Mix & match stone types to create a personal energetic formula unique to what is needed for you in the moment. Get your prescription NOW!

Crystals are like little amplifiers or batteries. Purchase a type of stone whose meaning is in line with your healing or self-improvement intention. Wearing them around your wrist is a constant reminder of what you are trying to improve. As you observe and feel the crystal medicine around your wrist, the crystals help to amplify your intention.

When you choose a crystal you can look for a stone that is in line with your intention or sometimes it is best to simply follow your intuition. Choose what appeals to you and then check to see if the stone’s intention is in line with what you are trying to improve. Chances are it will!

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