Find Your Alpha & Discover Confidence Unstoppable Self Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Audio

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Find Your Alpha & Discover Confidence Unstoppable Self Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Audio


Hypnosis For Self Confidence & Success

Do you think you can do it? I mean, do you think you are capable of accomplishing anything you desire? After allowing these advanced power suggestions of self confidence go down deeply into your subconscious mind, just how powerful and happy will you feel inside? Relax, enter hypnosis and allow yourself to transform self doubt into unstoppable self confidence. In how many ways can you imagine your life will change when you feel an undeniable surge of self confidence? In any way your life is about to excel, you are only one hypnosis session away from realizing your true potential.

Why Do I Feel Lack Of Confidence Anyway?

This may be surprising to you, but I am telling you that you always have a constant source of confidence within yourself. Most people will say that they feel calm and confident up to the point where they begin to listen to their inner voice. The inner voice that says “Hey, you can’t do that.”, “You aren’t good enough.”, “People will laugh at you or challenge you.”, “You’re not smart enough.” and so on. Does this sound familiar?

This inner voice is your conscious mind reflecting your beliefs about yourself, beliefs you have accepted over the years from other’s wrongful judgment of you, but this is not your true self. Your true self is capable of doing and achieving anything you want. Your true self is unlimited potential. Your true self is a source of never-ending confidence.

With hypnosis, we can bypass the conscious mind, which is blocking your ability to maintain confidence, and we can wipe away limiting beliefs about yourself so you can connect with your true self. If you really examine what confidence is, confidence is feeling good being one’s true self and the ability to express one’s true self without doubt.

Imagine Feeling Better Than You Ever Have Before…

The state of hypnosis, alone, creates a focused center of calmness within the mind. This allows the conscious mind to relax deeply, causing the continuous clatter of your inner voice to quiet. This same quieting of the mind is what you will experience when you connect with your true self and realize, perhaps for the first time, that you are already everything you ever dreamed yourself to be.

Unstoppable Self Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Audio Description

This Unstoppable Self Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Audio is designed to reframe your understanding of what confidence means to you by using a positively new method of visualization, giving you access to your true source of self confidence. With this Hypnosis MP3 Audio, you are given the opportunity to experience your unlimited source of self confidence through a process called future pacing. As you relax deeply and access your subconscious mind, you will be able to find your way back to the inner connection of your true self, allowing you to feel a very calming confidence when you emerge from hypnosis.

What Previous Customers Have Said


“I can tell you that I have worked in private hypnosis sessions with two (expensive) hypnotherapists and truthfully I find your tapes are just as effective. And I have found your recordings superior to others I have purchased — others may give a relaxation effect or promote positive thinking, but Rapid Transformations recordings induce a true hypnotic state. I’ve struggled for years with food issues, and your weight loss recording truly helped me find a new direction. After finding success myself with one of your recordings, I purchased one for my husband — and I’ve seen him use it quite a bit! Now, I have a few of your recordings, and I use them whenever I need to refocus or uplift my mind. Thank you for making hypnosis affordable, accessible and life-enhancing.” M.I. | New York, N.Y. USA

“Very effective. I have a new sence of calmness throughout my body when dealing with stressful situations. The self confidence MP3 Audio has greatly changed my life, I would definately recomend this to others.” Sarah Cosme | Key West, FL USA

“I’ve been using the ‘Unstoppable Confidence’ recording for a couple of weeks now. I feel more calm and happy and confident about myself. Others have commented the same about me and they have more confidence in me and my abilities too I feel. The transformation is subtle yet deep. I will definitely recommend this to anyone.” Anonymous | Sydney, Australia

“I have become more relaxed and my self confidence is becoming sky high! It’s a great way to relax after a hard day or stressful period in your life. I used the Free Unstoppable Self Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Audio and I just completed a task that I thought I couldn’t do just a few months ago.” R. G. | Santa Monica, CA USA

“It is worth ten fold more than its price. I became confident, positive and energetic. It is effective and affordable. One of the best ways to change your habit and attitude.” F. T. | Selangor, Malaysia

“With usage of this product, I find myself improving in all areas where before I struggled. If you are interested in improving in areas of struggle, may I suggest you try this product. You will be amazed at the rapid success you will notice after just one session. Keep an open mind and enjoy the experience.” M. C. | Charlotte, NC USA

“It improves your self confidence and makes you more appealing to others. It’s easy to use, high quality material. Best of all, it works!” W. S. | Las Vegas, NV USA

“Better Self Image, Greater Confidence, Better Relationships, ect… These are the best self hypnosis products available. I would know since I’ve tried quite a few self hypnosis products with limited or zero results until I tried RapidTransformations Hypnosis MP3 Audios. I highly recommend all of their products.” M. C. | Baton Rouge, LA USA

“Almost immediate results, whatever you need the most, you will benefit from the most. The Unstoppable Self Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Audio did miracles for me!!.” J. A. | Boise, ID USA



Unstoppable Self Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Audio
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Use Hypnosis To Create And Enhance Your Self Confidence

Track 1: Intro To Hypnosis
Track 2: Hypnosis Session

Unstoppable Self Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Audio:
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Can You Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow And Not Only Starting A New Day…

But Starting A New Life?

Self Confidence Hypnosis


Why is this Hypnosis MP3 Audio one of the most popular and desired products on the internet today? Because Hypnosis Works!

This MP3 Audio contains rapid hypnosis inductions along with powerful suggestions combined with the latest knowledge in hypnosis for effective results. This is a product that gets results!


This Professional Hypnosis MP3 Audio Was Created By Certified Hypnotherapists:

Jesse Berg, CHT. and Steven B. Schneider, CHT.

And includes all the following features…

  • Digitally Mastered Sound
  • The Newest Techniques In Hypnosis Performance, Combining Up To Date
    Hypnosis Inductions And The Latest In NLP
  • Hypnosis Session Is Intertwined With Hypnosis Inducing Music And
    Trance Deepening Sounds
  • MP3 Audio Includes A Pre-Talk That Explains What Hypnosis Is, How Hypnosis Works
    And The Common Unknown Facts Of Hypnosis
  • MP3 Audio Has A Running Time Of 45-55 Minutes In Length
  • MP3 Audio Is A Complete And Full Hypnosis Session


Steven B Schneider – Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist, and Self Hypnosis Teacher.
Meet the Voice Behind This Hypnosis.



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