Learn Faster & Study Better Improved Learning Hypnosis MP3 Audio

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Learn Faster & Study Better Improved Learning Hypnosis MP3 Audio


Hypnosis To Improve Study Habits For Students

The pressure is on and you are running out of time. You know you have to study, but you feel distracted and the longer you put it off, the harder it becomes. I’m pretty sure every student could relate to this at some point in their academic studies. This problem is quickly resolved once hypnosis is introduced.

Hypnosis will work on so many levels to help you get back on track. First, hypnosis will very rapidly ease any tension as you deeply relax your mind and body, allowing the pressure of upcoming exams to reduce to nothing so you can absorb information with a clear mind.

Next, you will be ready to subconsciously learn better study habits as your skills to obtain, store, and recall the information you study are enhanced. Using hypnosis to empower self discipline will ensure that you organize your study time in a stress free manner.

Finally, hypnosis is a heightened state of learning. Meaning that the state of mind which someone achieves when he/she is willfully learning something and the state of mind which someone achieves while in hypnosis is exactly the same. So as you continue to experience hypnosis and your subconscious mind learns to enter hypnosis easily, you will find that learning becomes easier.

Imroved Study Habits Hypnosis MP3 Audio Description

This Improved Study Habits Hypnosis MP3 Audio is designed enhance your study habits on all levels, using professional hypnosis techniques to create self discipline to keep you on course with your study times and empower your learning skills so you collect and obtain as much studied information as possible. Within this Improved Study Habits Hypnosis MP3 Audio you will experience the creation of a post hypnotic trigger so you may access the heightened state of learning, known as hypnosis, at any time you wish to enter a light trance like state. This will greatly improve your study skills.

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“I can tell you that I have worked in private hypnosis sessions with two (expensive) hypnotherapists and truthfully I find your tapes are just as effective. And I have found your recordings superior to others I have purchased — others may give a relaxation effect or promote positive thinking, but these recordings induce a true hypnotic state. I’ve struggled for years with food issues, and your weight loss recording truly helped me find a new direction. After finding success myself with one of your recordings, I purchased one for my husband — and I’ve seen him use it quite a bit! Now, I have a few of your recordings, and I use them whenever I need to refocus or uplift my mind. Thank you for making hypnosis affordable, accessible and life-enhancing.” M.I. | New York, N.Y. USA

“I’m a believer now! My motivation, concentration and study habits have improved! These products helped me achieve my goals!” A. K. | Port Saint Lucie, FL USA

“This stuff is for real. A great investment of time and money. These MP3s have greatly helped improve my study habits and eating habits.” J. B. | Manitowoc, WI USA

“Both the weight loss hypnosis and the study habits Hypnosis MP3 Audios helped me to maintain focus. The weight loss allows you to feel total relaxation and gives an inspiring message, It’s not “you will do this or that”. It’s about being the best you can be and this is definitely a tool I would suggest for anyone. I think the study habits MP3 Audio could even help young people.” D. C. | Alexandria, VA USA



Improved Learning & Study Habits Hypnosis MP3 Audio
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Use Hypnosis For Better Study Focus And Results

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Track 2: Hypnosis Session

Improved Study Habits Hypnosis MP3 Audio:
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Steven B Schneider – Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist, and Self Hypnosis Teacher.
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