Blue, Goldstone, Bracelet, Copper, Crystal, Gemstone, Jewelry


Blue Goldstone Bracelet

The Energizer

Blue Goldstone Bracelet Gemstone Meaning: The Energizer, Sending Positive Energy, glass made of quartz sand with copper, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, uplift, energize, happy thoughts, luck, transmit positive energy & thoughts, communication, calm, balance moods, composure in tricky situations, protection, deflect unwanted energies



Blue Goldstone Bracelet by Zen Rose Garden

The Energizer

Gemstone, Crystal, Copper, Bracelet

8 mm Round Beads

STANDARD SIZE: 7-3/4” (197 mm) Center Line: one size fits most

KID SIZE: 6.5″ (165 mm) Center Line

Made on Stretch Magic String

Each piece is unique and will be energetically selected for you by our staff of Reiki Healers.

Blue Goldstone Bracelet Crystal Meaning & Description

Blue Goldstone Bracelet Crystal is a type of Goldstone, which, despite the name, does not contain gold but is a quartz sand glass with sparkly flecks of copper suspensions. The deep sparkly color of Blue Goldstone results from additions of cobalt, manganese and/or chromium. This gemstone was said to have been first created by alchemists, possibly French Monks, in the European Renaissance trying to create gold using copper.

The sparkle of copper set against a deep blue background in Blue Goldstone reminds us of the night sky and tells our subconscious mind to always remember to reach for the stars. Goldstone is used by the Metaphysical community as a powerful generator and transmitter of positive energy that is helpful with transmitting thoughts to others. Blue Goldstone is associated with luck, transformational thought, communication, learning, wisdom, science, supporting calm and balanced moods, promoting composure in tricky situations and for helping us remember the light within when we find ourselves in less than ideal circumstances. As a stone of protection, Blue Goldstone is also touted as a deflector of unwanted energies. As Blue Goldstone has the properties of copper as well as quartz; it is used to assist ailments that are positively affected by both stones.

Blue Goldstone is excellent for the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra.

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Additional information

Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions7 x 5 x .5 in
Bracelet Size

STANDARD (7.75" | 197mm Stretch to Fit Most Wrists), KID (6.5" | 165mm Stretch to Fit Small Wrists)


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