Rhodonite, Bracelet, Crystal, Gemstone, Jewelry


Rhodonite Bracelet

Heart of the Rose

Rhodonite Bracelet Gemstone Meaning: Heart of the Rose, Heart Chakra, Higher Heart Chakra, intense heart healing, compassion, relationship peace, calm emotions in trauma, unconditional love, emotional healing, forgiveness, healing after violence, calm emotional shock & panic, reconciliation, love of humankind, altruism, reach one’s full potential



Rhodonite Bracelet by Zen Rose Garden

Heart of the Rose

Gemstone, Crystal, Bracelet

8 mm Round Beads

STANDARD SIZE: 7-3/4” (197 mm) Center Line: one size fits most

KID SIZE: 6.5″ (165 mm) Center Line

Made on Stretch Magic String

Each piece is unique and will be energetically selected for you by our staff of Reiki Healers.

Rhodonite Bracelet Crystal Meaning & Description

Rhodonite Bracelet Crystal is a manganese chain silicate crystal most often found in rose-pink to red with black patches. It is also called Peach Blossom Jade, Vermillion Jade, Pink Marble, Orletz, Bakan, Hornstone or Ruby Spar. Rhodonite is often confused with its cousin Rhodochrosite which has similar coloring but with white banding.

Rhodonite is Heart of the Rose, as “Rhodon”, means “rose” and focuses on intense heart healing, compassion and peaceful, healthy relationships. Rhodonite grounds and calms emotions during trauma, emotional shock or panic and speaks of unconditional love. It is a stone of the Higher Heart, which focuses on the love of all humankind and reaching one’s full potential for the betterment of all. A stone of community, Rhodonite helps align your energy with the spiritual love of the universe, inspiring you to ground spiritual practice into your physical life so you may better experience a heart connection to the Divine in your daily life.

This gemstone is excellent for processing and releasing emotional pain, negative emotions such as anger or resentment and emotional wounds of the past as well as release of self-sabotage and self-destructive behaviors. Emotionally, this crystal opens one to seeing both sides which leads to forgiveness and reconciliation. Overall, this is an excellent stone for healing after betrayal, violence or abandonment.

Rhodonite is one of the best stones for the Heart Chakra as well as the Higher Heart Chakra, helping balance yin-yang energies of the body and aligning one to the energy of balanced love.

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Additional information

Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions7 x 5 x .5 in
Bracelet Size

STANDARD (7.75" | 197mm Stretch to Fit Most Wrists), KID (6.5" | 165mm Stretch to Fit Small Wrists)


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