PP-100 Introduction To Parapsychology


PP-100 Introduction To Parapsychology


INTRODUCTION TO PARAPSYCHOLOGY (PP-100/0.5 CH): Parapsychology is the branch of psychology concerned with study of extrasensory perception and psychical experiences. While psychology and psychoanalysis deal with the physical being… parapsychology deals with the spiritual being. This spiritual branch of psychology was known to the Greek philosopher Aristotle as the science of metaphysics. The thrust of parapsychology appears relentlessly driven in the direction where contemporary science, philosophy and religion blend into a single universal understanding, enabling humanity to know ourselves in the fullest context. Today this science is called Parapsychology. This 4-lesson course includes: What is parapsychology; Energy and Parapsychology; Implications and Applications of Parapsychology; Parapsychological Research.

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