SA-102 Techniques In Prayer


SA-102 Techniques In Prayer


TECHNIQUES IN PRAYER (SA-102 Revised – 1.0 Credit Hours): This course discusses the necessity of prayer as something that we must do for ourselves. In these days of “do‑it‑yourself” the book shelves are filled with booklets, books and journals on how to “do it yourself” from home modernization to boat building. In the realm of prayer, there has been little to assist the one who would pray with the exception of collections of prayers and prayer poems. These are wonderful and certainly have been and continue to be a real source of peace and inspiration. One cannot always tell when another is actually praying, except when that prayer action takes an outer as well as an inner form. An example of this is during a war, when soldiers on both sides pray to God for victory. What must God think of the foolishness of men? Here are men on opposing sides of a war, each undoubtedly sincere in their prayer life, seeking the care, benefit, protection and blessing of the same God. What must God think? Do we, as this example seems to indicate, believe that God may or may not hear our sincere words of supplication, and may according to His whim or will, choose to respond to or to ignore that entreaty? Included in this 8-lesson course: Prayer, God and Communing with God; Accelerated Mind Action; New Habits for Old; Prayer and Mysticism; Denial and Affirming; Action and Reaction; Meditation and Prayer; Do it Yourself … Now.

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