Having Gratitude 20 Tips To Be More Thankful

It is important to be grateful for the good fortune we have accumulated, but true thankfulness comes from a deep understanding of the gift of simply being alive. This state of being grateful recognizes the purity of the experience of being, and our thankfulness is part of our awareness that we are one with this great mystery.

I made a quick video to share some tips for being grateful for what you've got.

Watch this quick video for some feel good tips on being more thankful in life.


Why Is Having Gratitude Important?

Let's talk about how to practice being truly thankful and why gratitude is important even and especially during the hard times. Now, we go through the process of counting our blessings, acknowledging the wonderful people, things and places that make up our reality and while it is fine to be grateful for the good fortune we have accumulated, true thankfulness stems from a powerful comprehension of the gift of simply being alive, and when we feel it, we feel it regardless of our circumstances, even going as far as being thankful when things are tough, because everything can become a blessing if we let it.

Having Gratitude Can Be An Emotional Release Tool

When we carry gratitude with us as a tool of emotional release, it becomes a part of our character and we become better people because of it. It is the act of showing gratitude that keeps us humble, gracious and always looking for opportunities to give back. And, in return for being grateful we can be in a continual process of shedding what no longer serves us.

Having Gratitude, Enjoy The Little Things Marguee

Having Gratitude Helps Us Not Over-Consume

We live in a world that tells us to take and to consume as much as possible, but having gratitude for what you have can change the way that you relate to life, others and your way of being. You may think that being grateful is only important when life is going great, but having appreciation during the tough times is actually when it's most important.

Negative Emotions And Having Gratitude

When you're experiencing difficult emotions like anger, sadness, or fear, it can be hard to remember all the good in your life. That's why our mindset is so important—because it can help shift your focus from the negative to the positive.

By nurturing and cultivating a deep state of unshakeable appreciation, we recognize the purity of the experience of being, in and of itself, and our thankfulness is part and parcel of our awareness that we are one with this great mystery that is life.

Having Gratitude In The Ups And Downs

It is difficult for most of us to access this level of consciousness as we are very caught up in the ups and downs of our individual experiences in the world. The thing to remember about the world, though, is that it ebbs and flows, expands and contracts, gives and takes, and is by its very nature somewhat unreliable. The one constant we can rely on is our own hearts, and it is from this space that we can access true gratitude.

Having Gratitude, Dandelion Heart

Opening To Having Gratitude

When we are grateful for what we have, even in the midst of challenging times, we open ourselves up to receiving even more. By having a mindset of gratefulness, we set a tone of positivity and hope that attracts even more good things into our lives.

What Having Gratitude Is Not

It's important to remember that having gratitude doesn't mean that you have to be happy all the time or that you can't express your negative emotions. Gratitude is about acknowledging the good in your life, even when things are tough. If we only feel gratitude when it serves our desires, this is not true thankfulness.

Having Gratitude Is Not A Free Pass

No one is exempt from the twists and turns of fate, which may, at any time, take the possessions, situations, and people we love away from us. Ironically, it is sometimes this kind of loss that awakens us to a thankfulness that goes deeper than just being grateful when things go our way. Illness and near-miss accidents can also serve as wake-up calls to the deeper realization that we are truly lucky to be alive.

It is from this space of profound gratitude that we can start to make changes in our lives and in the world because showing gratitude is one way to bring more light and love into the world. When we are grateful, we are open to receiving all the good that life has to offer. So let's practice having gratitude, even when we feel like poop on a stick!

Do Not Wait To Start Having Gratitude

Here is the thing, though, we do not have to wait to be shaken to experience this state of being truly thankful for our lives. Tuning in to our breath and making an effort to be fully present for a set period of time each day can do wonders for our ability to connect with true gratitude. We can also awaken ourselves with the intention to be more aware of the unconditional generosity of the life force that flows through us regardless of our circumstances.

20 Tips For Having Gratitude

Here are some tips to help you continue your Gratitude Practice regardless of what life throws at you:

1. Acknowledge the good. When you take time to see the good in your life, you increase your ability to find the good in any situation.

2. Don't take anything for granted. So often, we take the people, things, and experiences in our lives for granted. Make a point to appreciate everything—big and small.

3. Savor the moment. When we savor the moment we are totally connected to the energy of life and gratitude becomes second nature.

4. Find the silver lining. In every cloud, there is a silver lining. When you look for the positive, you'll find it.

5. Practice mindful gratitude. Be grateful for the present moment—even if it's not perfect. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice gratitude, the easier it will become. Soon, you'll be thankful for everything—even the tough times.

6. Be thankful for what you have—not being sad and focused about what you don't have. It's easy to focus on what we don't have. But, when we take time to appreciate what we do have, we open ourselves up to feeling truly blessed. Gratitude also allows us to connect with the positive even when things seem a little bit lean and we don't seem to have everything we think we need.

7. Let go of expectations. When we release our expectations, we make room for gratitude. If things aren't going the way we want, let go and be thankful for what is.

8. Give thanks for the challenges. The challenges in our lives give us opportunities to grow and learn. Be grateful for each one. Tough times make you stronger, if you let them!

9. Say thank you. When someone does something nice for you, don't forget to say thank you. A simple thank you can make someone's day—and yours.

10. Pay it forward. When you feel gratitude, pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else. Not only will you make their day, you'll feel good too.

11. Express your gratitude. “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” – Cicero

When we take the time to express our gratitude, we open the door to even more blessings. Try writing a thank-you note or telling someone how much you appreciate them. You can also keep a gratitude journal and write down three things you're thankful for each day. Or, get creative and find your own unique way to express your gratitude.

12. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

13. Never give up on what you really want as you persevere through the tough times. No matter what life throws at you, having gratitude can help you get through it.

14. Focus on the positive. What you focus on expands. So, if you want to experience more gratitude, focus on the good in your life.

15. Practice daily gratitude. Make gratitude a part of your daily life and watch your life change for the better.

16. Keep a gratitude journal. Writing down the things you are grateful for can help you focus on the positive and make gratitude a part of your daily life.

17. Practice mindfulness. Staying in the moment can reduce your stress level and keep you focused on just being thankful for life!

18. Seek out like-minded people. Like-minded people are important to keep around because they can help you stay focused on your goals and remind you of what's important in life.

19. Find your own unique way to express your gratitude. There are many ways to express gratitude. Find the one that works best for you and really go deep with it.

20. Help others. When you help others, you not only make their lives better, but you also improve your own.

True Power Lies In Having Gratitude

True power lies in gratitude. Gratitude is the most powerful emotion we can feel because it opens our hearts and allows us to connect with other people and the world around us. When we are grateful, we are present, we are alive, and we are open to receiving all the good that life has to offer.

When we take the time to focus on having gratitude, we open ourselves up to more positive experiences and emotions. We also start to see just how lucky we are, even when things are tough. So don't wait until things are perfect to start being thankful—practice having gratitude every day, and watch your life transform for the better.

BONUS To Having Gratitude

And BONUS: Gratitude has been linked with a host of benefits, including increased happiness, better sleep, lower stress levels, and even a stronger immune system. So next time you're feeling down, try practicing gratitude. It just might make a world of difference.

The Power In Having Gratitude

And finally, gratitude is a powerful emotion that can improve your overall well-being. So next time you're feeling down, try practicing gratitude. It just might make a world of difference. Practice mindful gratitude. Be grateful for the present moment—even if it's not perfect.

What are you grateful for today?

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