October 29

Personal Growth, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Zen Rose Garden


Personal Growth, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Zen Rose Garden

Personal Growth, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Zen Rose Garden

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Brand new videos every Tuesday on Personal Growth, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Intuitive Tips, Intuitive Skills, Mediumship, answers to Metaphysical Questions, Dream Interpretation and help with Relationship Issues!

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Zen Rose Garden, Las Vegas, NV
David A Caren, CHt & Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD
Personal Growth, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Self Help, Metaphysical Questions, Celebrity Life Coaches, Past Life Regression Therapy

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~ Heather (PhD) & David (C.Ht) Bringers of Brain Juice, Tamers of Wild Unicorns & Wayward Fairies 10,000+ Sessions with 2,000+ Clients & 400+ 5-Star Client Reviews Founders of Zen Rose Garden Home Of The Intuitive Awakening Community & Zen Ed Academy! As Seen On: YouTube, MTV, CBS, USA Today, NBC, Fox, The CW, Ask "Helping People Create BADASS Lives!" Metaphysical Teachers | Personal Development Tips | Personal Growth Tips | Mediumship Training | Developing Intuition | Psychic Development | Guided Meditations


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