Past Life Regression Therapy Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Past Life Regression Therapy
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Las Vegas Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions

Past Life Regression Therapy in Las Vegas, NV
Feeling IS Believing!

Explore YOUR Past Lives!

Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself. Find out what it’s like to have a session with David and Heather.

Past Life Regression Therapy – Through Hypnotherapy, experience the possibilities of life experiences beyond this one. Take a guided journey to gain understanding beyond this life here and now, and bring that understanding back with you.

David will be guiding you with Hypnotherapy through your own experience from the inside while Heather goes in easily and acts like another set of eyes providing a Past Life Reading at the same time. At the end of your journey, Heather will share what she picked up and we see how the two are related.

So you get to experience Past Life Regression (Someone Guides You Through Hypnotherapy Into Your Own Experiences) and Past Life Reading (Someone taps into your Past Life Energy & relays the information to you) at the same time.

Each session runs about 1-2 hours and we typically explore 2 – 3 different life experiences that hold the most importance and significance in your life now.

We explain what we do and how it works. We explore root issues and release blocked or stuck energy so that you can move forward in your life, easily and effortlessly.

Curious About Past Lives? Been Here Before?
Want To Know More About Your Life Now?
Past Life Regression In Person

Past Life Regression Therapy

$400 Per Person
(Avg Session 1 – 2 Hours)

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