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How To Deal With Frenemies The Toxic Relationship You Can’t Drop!

How To Deal With Frenemies The Toxic Relationship You Can’t Drop!

Self Growth Saturday w Zen Rose Garden
Do you have a Frenemy in your group of family or friends? Is there one toxic relationship in your life you can’t seem to release so you just keep trying to maintain peace?
Join David & Heather, founders of Zen Rose Garden, for a Video on How To Deal With Frenemies and that Toxic Relationship you just can’t seem to shake! Find out the tricks in this Self Growth Saturday!
In this Video:
Join Heather & David, founders of Zen Rose Garden, for another video in our ongoing series: Self Growth Saturday, as we discuss the hot topic of the week and catch you up on what is happening at Zen Ed Self Growth Academy!

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David A. Caren, CHt & Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD, DNH
Founders of Zen Rose Garden https://zenrosegarden.com
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