Webinar, Codependency, How To Stop People Pleasing

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David A Caren, CHt &
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Webinar, Codependency, How To Stop People Pleasing

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Codependency, How To Stop People Pleasing

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What We Cover In This Episode . . . 

In This Episode, David A. Caren, CHt & Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD cover the following topics with a Q&A at the end

(Live Q&A for the Live Episode, or Email Q&A For The Replays):

The Dangerous Art Of Making Others Happy
It Kept You Alive (But You Don't Need It Anymore)

  • What Is People Pleasing
    We'll be talking about codependency & people pleasing behaviors as well as what exactly that means and how to recognize it in yourself or others.
  • Why It's A Dangerous Art
    We'll be going into why people pleasing & codependency is such a dangerous art, even though it served you at one time to protect & keep you safe.
  • Overextending & Losing Yourself
    Here, we talk about what it means to overextend and just how we can lose ourselves in trying to make other people happy. Plus, we talk about how to bring that back into balance.
  • Where & Why Did It Start
    We'll be talking about where, when & why we started the behavior of people pleasing. Because if you can better understand the real motivation, making a change becomes much easier.
  • Are You Genuinely Nice Or A People Pleaser?
    We'll be talking about the difference between being a genuinely nice person and someone who exhibits codependent behaviors.
  • Breaking The Cycle
    Here we talk about how to break the cycle of people pleasing & codependency, and bring the power back to yourself.
Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD, David A Caren, CHt, Zen Rose Garden, Las Vegas, NV

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