Webinar, Self Acceptance, How To Be More Confident

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David A Caren, CHt &
Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD
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Webinar, Self Acceptance, How To Be More Confident

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Self Acceptance, How To Be More Confident


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What We Cover In This Episode . . . 

In This Episode, David A. Caren, CHt & Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD cover the following topics with a Q&A at the end

(Live Q&A for the Live Episode, or Email Q&A For The Replays):

  • Radical Self Acceptance
    We'll be talking about the importance of self acceptance, what Radical Self Acceptance Is, and how to accept who you are, as you are.
  • Selfie Generation (How They Got It Right)
    We'll be going into some detail about the "Selfie Generation" and how they actually have it more right that most people think, and why.
  • Technology Of The Selfie
    Here, we talk about the technology of the Selfie & how other generations would totally be just as absorbed as we perceive the Millenials to be. (Everyone has a Selfie Gene)
  • Self Love, Self Reflection & Self Growth
    We'll be talking about what exactly it means to love yourself, what self reflection is and how important it is in every siuation, and the best parts of selg growth, as well as how to actually achieve that.
  • Millenials & Gen X
    We'll be talking about Common Misconceptions of Millenials by Gen X & Baby Boomers, as well as calling out those misconceptions and saying it like it is.
  • History Of The Selfie (All The Way Back To Cavemen)
    Here we talk about history & application of the selfie & how the Selfie has evolved over time (yes, absolutely all the way back to the caveman).
Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD, David A Caren, CHt, Zen Rose Garden, Las Vegas, NV

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