What Is An Intuitive Empath?


Intuitive Empath. You may have already read this term before, maybe not. Everyone knows what empathy is, being able to put yourself on somebody else’s shoes. but what about the intuitive part? What does intuition have to do with empathy?

At first, this concept sounded redundant to me. ‘Intuitive Empath’, isn’t it like saying ‘wet rain’?’ As if being empathic automatically gave you the ability to sense EVERYTHING else going on with a certain person, a place, or a situation! In a way, this is actually possible, but it’s fundamental to know the difference between empathy and intuition before going out and using them to the fullest.

Empathy is the ability to feel what someone is experiencing as if it was your own experience. That can be emotions as well as physical sensations. You can tap into what others are going through on an individual and collective level. This is something most people can do, it’s innate. But not everyone can imagine themselves as another person. There are different levels of empathy though, which we’ll discuss in future posts.

Intuition, on the other hand, is each person’s inner guidance system. This lets us know what we need to do, often times through a hit (also known as ‘hunch’), not with an analytical sense (it manifests differently for everyone). You just know. Intuition is a response that comes from within and guides you towards or away from something, depending on your soul’s roadmap (the karmic lessons you have to learn in this lifetime).

So, to make this super simple, empathy is about ‘external’ energy and intuition would be ‘internal’.

Now that we know the difference, how do empathy and intuition combine?

An intuitive empath is someone who can not only feel the emotional responses of other people around, or the situation or the collective as if it’s their own, but they also are really in tune and self aware with their inner guidance system. When an empath combines their ability to feel their surroundings with intuition, the whole process goes deeper. They are able to start to use that to help themselves and others take aligned, inspired action.

Connecting a well trained intuition with empathy is a powerful mix. It gives you the ability to look deeper into yourself and others. We are conditioned and taught not to listen to it, which is a terrible mistake. However, when we’re really self aware and tuned in, we can trust that our intuition is constantly guiding us towards reaching our true desires and lessons. It doesn’t always make analytical, logical sense, but it is taking us to magical synchronicities where weird crazy manifestations start to happen, that we couldn’t have planned with our logical minds. Our intuition just guides us towards the right place at the right time.

This is the superpower of being an intuitive empath. You can do this for yourself and you’re also very good at doing it for others. Because you can decipher and differentiate your emotional and physical state from other people’s, you can offer really incredible guidance, advice and healing by allowing them to access unconscious knowledge through you.

One word of caution though, some intuitive empaths are drained of energy by the people they help. Quite often, when we think we’re helping others from an altruistic place, it may be acted out for personal gain (it’s the ego that’s actually pulling the strings). So, always ask yourself WHY you want to help. If it’s ultimately for egotistical reasons, this will likely drain you of your energy! How do you avoid this? Becoming aware of your own issues and healing yourself by taking action is the keystone to master the intuitive empath’s superpower!

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About the author:

Hi! I'm Gabriela Acosta Franzolini, a freelance illustrator and writer, and I love finding the spiritual side in mundane things from life. All works of art and fiction carry a bit of truth. Basing my work on that interconnection, from my own experience, is what I enjoy the most! Hope you enjoy reading these lines with me as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Gabriela Acosta Franzolini // contributor