What Is The Third Eye? Understanding The Real Third Eye (1 of 4)

What Is The Third Eye?

Understanding The Real Third Eye

(Part 1 of 4)

Welcome to another Zen Rose Garden Pro Tip series!

Coming up in this video third eye the real thing and how to grow your third eye.

what is the third eye

What Is The Third Eye

The Science Of The Third Eye

Today we're going to be revealing new science.

I love science.


So what is the real third eye?

Can you actually grow your third eye for real?

In this video, we get nerdy with neuroscience.

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What Is The Third Eye

Parts Of The Brain During The Mystic Experiene

Talking about different parts of the brain that activate during the classic mystic experience or the intuitive, empathic or psychic experience.


So the real question that we have is, can you really grow your third eye?

We're talking about legit grow your third eye?

And what is the new science about the real third eye that we've been talking about?

So now that we have totally flipped the pancake over, we want to know from you.

What Is The Third Eye

What Are Your Experiences?

What experiences have you had with your third eye?

Cuz they can be all over the map.

There are so many different ways to experience the mystic experience.


What was your number one?

What Is The Third Eye

The Brain Related To Your Third Eye

Let's talk about this Third Eye thing.

So if you want to look at it from a purely left brain, right brain function, logical mind right operates from the left hemispheres, and creative intuitive brain activities come from the right hemispheres.

Areas of the brain have different functions left and right.

And it can get pretty complex But today, we're talking about parts of the brain as they relate to Third Eye function.

So the brain parts themselves, not necessarily half and half, right.

What Is The Third Eye

Some Neuroscience Of The Third Eye

So a lot of the research we're going to talk about today was discovered and began to be published in neuroscience, which I follow in the 1990s is some of the stuff that we're going to talk about today came out, so a lot of discoveries are still being made and are ever evolving.

And some of this is actually from like, some stuff that was published in 2006.

So it's pretty recent, it is happening fast and ever evolving.

So as we follow the science, we begin to see a couple of things.

What Is The Third Eye

Mystical Neuroscience Of Chakras

One is that the intuition of the mystics of the past 1000s of years of mystics, who are tapping in with their abilities have equated locations of certain chakras, such as the third eye and the crown chakra, as being relative to where brain scans show activity now, related to those actions, and number two, that it is time to update our thinking as mystics and see where we might be holding ourselves back with old thought processes that are slowing down our progress and expand more into growing our third eye with practices that are not as hard as we once thought.

Blazin' Turtle says: sometimes when people are telling me something personal, I will see flashes of images or a flash of an emotion.

Is that what you're talking about?

Wait because I'm going to touch on that.

What Is The Third Eye

Tip Number 1

It's now time for tip number one.

Okay, first we're going to talk about the frontal lobe and the anterior cingulate cortex.

We'll just call it right here.

ACC right.

What Is The Third Eye

The Frontal Lobe

So the largest part of the brain is the frontal lobe where logic and rational thinking live.

When we are in hyper logic, those third eye impulses can be dismissed because they seem illogical.

But it's really because they seem scary, right?

So that fear center immediately wakes up and then all logic goes out the window.

We know that the brain is interconnected, right, all the cells talk to each other.

So it's very difficult to get them to go in different corners.

So this is an example of the brain at war with itself somewhere.

Can't they all just get along?

But we like the frontal lobe right the frontal lobe we need your frontal lobe it imagines it creates and integrates all our ideas about the mystical experience, positive or negative, and then it logically evaluates them and puts them where they're supposed to go right you really need this part or at least where it believes they're supposed to go.

The part of the brain we consider the real third eye or more probably the most central part of a bigger system because new science and new stuff is coming up.

Part of the bigger system sits between the frontal lobe and the limbic system.

It looks like this funny little collared shaped part of the brain and is called.

What Is The Third Eye

The Anterior Cingulate Cortex

The anterior cingulate cortex.

So it's this funny little collar shaped thing that sits right behind the frontal lobe and in front of the limbic system.

So it sits between these two systems.

And this is really important.

It sits in the place of the traditionally visualized third eye.

What Is The Third Eye

The Anterior Cingulate Cortex Functions

Some of its functions are empathy, compassion, social awareness, and intuition, but it is really complex and really cool.

This is where more evolved parts of Third Eye experiences seem to take place.


This part of the brain allows you to experience the mystical in a loving and compassionate way.

This is the more evolved part of your brain.

Yes, it decreases superstitious or religious anxiety, guilt, fear and anger by suppressing activity in the amygdala.

CTFO (chill the fuck out).

If you remember, the amygdala is in the limbic system.

When people see auras, lights or visuals that are connected to that visual Third Eye experience this area of the brain, Bling, bling, bling, bling it lights up.


So it's actually pretty cool.

What Is The Third Eye

How Do They Work Together?

So how do your emotional limbic system, the primal old part of your brain, your logical frontal lobe and your anterior cingulate work together?

Hmm, let's find out.

This how they work together.

So think of it like a seesaw.

What Is The Third Eye

The Anterior Cingulate Cortex ACC Is Like A Fulcrum

So the anterior cingulate cortex is a fulcrum, basically, it's a fulcrum, which is this seesaw in the middle that controls and balances the activity of the frontal lobe, which is your ability to use logic and reason and the emotional limbic system, which includes the fear producing amygdala.

So the ACC is busy doing a lot of things, but balancing primal emotions, right, with logical thoughts that flow between the Old World and the New World is one big job.

So it's a conversation that never sleeps.

It's also the best mediator ever.

So on top of it doing these things, we consider third eye functions, it's doing all this other stuff.

What Is The Third Eye

What Happens When You Freak Out?

But when you lose control of emotions, blood flow suddenly increases to the limbic system and boom, you are now fearful, hyper alert, and defensive.

When activity goes up in the limbic, it goes down in the frontal lobe, right, the fulcrum seesaw.

So basically, you stop being logical or reasonable and your cognitive skills including your psychic mediumship aptitudes, lives there, go down the pooper, not pretty okay, then the amygdala becomes active, the anterior cingulate shuts down where all that third eye activity has been observed.

Now your reptilian brain is back to running the show amuck, amuck, amuck all over everywhere going where's the threat?

Where's the threat?

Is it a squirrel?

Is it going to eat me?

So because the anterior cingulate is now shut down, and your empathy and your intuition decline, you lose the ability to accurately assess how other people feel, or just think you know, how you feel because the emotions and feelings of the limbic system are making it hard.


Yeah, like red alert, right?

So you are getting all of the primal feels of the limbic.

What Is The Third Eye

When You're Freaked Out, You Can't Think Clearly

But there's a higher probability that the information is distorted because you're disconnected from that anterior cingulate cortex, which processes the more evolved mystic information.

Well, and the ACC is where you have the feelings of compassion and empathy.

So the true empathy and compassion are in that part of the brain right back here is that overactive emotions and feelings.

So that's not true empathy, right?

That's an overactive limbic system.

What Is The Third Eye

Slow The Freak Out & Amplify The Chill Out

But when your frontal lobe becomes active, stays active and just kind of gets turned on, you stimulate the anterior cingulate cortex, which slows down the amygdala.

It's like Alright, dude, chill, we're all good.

It's like the hippie of the bunch.

One side goes up, the other side goes down.

What Is The Third Eye

How It Affects Your Psychic Practice

So you might you might be seeing how this might be affecting your own personal psychic practice because we go into fear sometimes, and that's when we're gonna like, How come I can't tap in I've lost that link or that connection.

This emotional part is overstimulated it shuts it down and then nobody's listening to anybody and fear wins, right?

What Is The Third Eye

Wrap Up

And dancin says thank you for all of these videos.

They really helped me stay grounded and focused.

Yeah, awesome.

So we want to know are you more excited?

Now that you have these tips?

You know how we like to do have we cleared up some mysteries o some spiritual my busted?

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Thank you guys for watching.

We'll see you in the next video over here or over here… In The Next Video.

What Is The Third Eye

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