What Is The Third Eye? Understanding The Real Third Eye (2 of 4)

What Is The Third Eye?

Understanding The Real Third Eye

(Part 2 of 4)

We break down some nerdy science.
(Intuitive Empath Training Series)

If you've ever wanted to know about The Real Third Eye… join us for part 2 of 4 on understanding 3rd Eye function in the brain! Come get nerdy with us!

real third eye

Welcome to another Zen Rose Garden Pro Tip series coming up in this video, third eye, the real thing, numero dos tip 2 the limbic system and the anterior cingulate cortex.

Okay, you see, yeah, no, me, oh, it's not gonna stop.

What Is The Third Eye

Old & New Parts Of The Brain

The oldest part of the brain that ruled our existence for 150 million years is the limbic system where the amygdala sits that's in control of fight or flight, right? Don't get me wrong now.

We really, really, really need all of our primal sexual urges come from here right.

So yay, sex, sex might get really boring without it.

We need that primitive part of our brain for a lot of things, right? Not just to tell us we're afraid or not afraid.

So the frontal lobe takes up something like a third of the overall brain at this point in our evolution.

It's taken over right.

It's the newer part of the brain, and it evolved to its current state only about 100 to 200,000 years ago.

Cute little baby.

But babies get fat.

So you got old grandpa back here, my brains got baby fat, they get super crabby and you got little baby up here trying to like boom better probably the best way to describe these two parts of the brain.

And you've got Yoda in the middle trying to hold them both down.

Yoda is in the middle.

Light side dark side.

Here's what's going on.

Like, I'm gonna give you an instant metaphor.

What Is The Third Eye

The Anterior Cingulate Cortex

The anterior cingulate cortex is the Yoda of your brain.

The frontal part of your brain the frontal lobe part is the baby.

It's like Luke Skywalker when he first got on the Millennium Falcon.

There you go.

And the thing at the back is like the old ass crinkled up Emperor that's like, okay, that's basically what's going on.

Yeah, I think that's pretty accurate.

Yeah, among other parts of the the limbic system as a whole, because it's a lot different than the hippocampus and all that.

But the parts we're going to talk about today are two.

What Is The Third Eye

Parts Of The Limbic System

So the limbic system includes the amygdala, and the thalamus, and we're going to talk about these two right now.

So the amygdala, which is different than Princess Amandala or whatever her name was, when overly stimulated creates any emotional response of fear in reaction to this new experience, right.

Where the thalamus which is still part of the limbic system gives you emotional meaning to the mystical experience that we need and seems to be the key organ in the brain.

The part of the brain that makes any mystic experience feel objectively and neurologically real.

Okay, absolutely.

What Is The Third Eye

Why Fear Blocks The Third Eye

But if you have been fed a steady, dysfunctional diet of religious fears, you may have a subconscious fear of maybe a punishing God or that the evil forces are out to get you or that the negative energy of others is going to overtake you and seep into your souls and make you a bad person for whatever reason.

You see the problem here.

So you're kind of beginning to see how the brain works when it comes to our own personal fears or things that, you know, shock us so we overstimulate the amygdala by dwelling on those feelings, right?

It's not whether or not you experience these, it's the dwelling.

So this suppresses the frontal lobes ability to So wow, really? Did you say that? Logically think about the mystic experience that we're having.

And that's really unfortunate because we really do need the logic to make sense of the mystic and for it to become actually useful in our lives.

Slow breathing to move back to chill mode.


Hashtag brain fat, love brain fat so tasty and delicious.

I wanna say what is up to Sonia. She says frontal lobe out the window completely out the window in five o'clock traffic.

What Is The Third Eye

Bonus Tip

Bonus, I want to give you a little bonus.

For the bonus tip.

This is not actually a bonus tip.

This is a bonus thought on my part.

What Is The Third Eye Why It Takes All Of Your Brain Together

So the parietal lobe, okay, like I said, that third eye is all over the place in your brain.

But there's this one function that tends to be the more evolved part.

So the parietal lobes which are over here, do play a big part in your third eye experience.

But this is the part of the brain that identifies the mystic experience and the mystic presence as both something that exists externally to us and something that you are at one with in a peaceful way.

So in those deep states of meditation, it creates a oneness and so you know that experience when you feel like you are at one with everything and individual? That would be this part right here.

Wild Magic with the dude, it's been a while since my anatomy class, but is this the Eye of Horus?

A lot of the ancient mystics as they tapped into this energy, were sensing these energy centers, and now we're kind of seeing them in brain scans as they light up and they're really lining up with what the Ancients saw Right, right.

And if you look at like old pictures of paintings that you know, with the halos I mean, that's the crown chakra, right? Yeah.


I mean, my halos kind of tilted.

But that's me.

What Is The Third Eye

Empath Neurons Explained

A little quick little flash, a side note, you know how I like side notes.

In 1990.

Way back, way back in 1990.

Not that long ago, I told you a lot of this is new research, a neuron was discovered that may explain one of the reasons some empaths become so overreactive to the emotions of other people.

I'm not talking about all empaths I'm talking about when the empath slips into that limbic system reaction.

But one research study that sprung out of that discovery of that neuron was in 2015, right a couple years ago, where researchers identified neurons in the anterior cingulate cortex that we've been talking about, that can selectively predict unknown decisions and the hidden states of mind of another person.

So these other predictive neurons kind of what they were calling them the other predictive, it's like predicting the other person, are uniquely sensitive when the observer is visually in someone's presence, right?

So they tend to stimulate and turn on in the ACC, which is short for anterior cingulate cortex again.

If you haven't figured out when the observer is visually seeing another person.

Those neurons start to fire and they can tap into what someone is thinking, or their hidden, whatever it is, and we all know what that is, right?

So more research is currently happening in happening happening, it's happening in regards to non social cognitive knowing.

So this is how people know things when they are not in a visual social context.

And these are still being explored.

Right? So this is real recent research.

What Is The Third Eye

Understanding Intentions

So they actually have discovered there is a neuron in the brain that when you visually see someone, and this can be on the video, or in a social context, that those things start to fire and start to understand someone else's intentions or their decisions or their hidden states of mind.

So they're beginning to say what we've said for a long time.

This stuff is a function of your mind.

You just have to get all of these parts to cooperate with each other.

Yeah, and dancin' says thank you for all of these videos.

They really help me stay grounded and focused.

Yeah, awesome.

What Is The Third Eye

Wrap Up

So we want to know are you more excited? Now that you have these tips?

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We honor and appreciate that even more.

Thank you guys for watching.

We'll see you in the next video over here or over here.

What Is The Third Eye

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