So what is

Neural Bridge Alignment

all about?

It is THE most effective, sure fire way to
Unlock Your Psychic Gifts

In The Next 30 Days


We weave our unique methodology of Neural Bridge Alignment into everything we do to literally align your brain in the most efficient way possible to build your psychic gifts RAPIDLY on a solid foundation with the support of the community.

You will experience our unique, proven combination of Training and Tribe to unlock TRUE Transformation.


First Element Of

Neural Bridge Alignment



QUALITY Education is what helps you to unlock your gifts and open your mind!

The 1st Key Is Quality Education!

The first thing you get is…

Access to Over 21 (and growing) Seriously Deep PhD-Backed Courses on Teachable.

In order to properly align your mind, you need a solid foundation of quality education.

Get the information you need without weeding through so much of the same stuff you see everywhere.

I'm sure you've been down those Internet Rabbit holes that lead you from one promise to another only to be left feeling disappointed and let down because you've already heard this before, almost verbatim.

How many times have you come across the same stuff from 20 different people, just spouting of the same stuff they heard from 20 other people. (Anyone ever play the game Telephone?)

HERE is where you see the foundation of Neural Bridge Alignment in action:
Woven into the course material is the core information that you absorb at your own pace, and bring into the Zen Head Community for application and expansion.

You will experience quality information that blows your mind wide open to new ways of seeing the world with information that JUST PLAIN WORKS so that you can feel INSPIRED! You'll go through your day feeling more more relief than stress. Imagine, instead of having your hopes crushed with recycled garbage, you feeling uplifted and inspired with battle tested techniques and information that actually makes things MORE clear instead of your brain being clouded in confusion.

Here's a Secret Insider Tip:
Intuitive Powers 
(Yes, ALL of them) are a function of the mind! As a function of the mind, they can be trained like a bodybuilder trains those sweet peachy glutes.

It's really hard to find quality information, unless you're willing to dig deep into the past, and learn from some of the greats across time. THAT also means having to understand HOW to translate old language, with an understanding of the context of the time, cultural reference, AND then be able to put all of the pieces together in a way that makes sense.

You TOTALLY and most definitely will surprise yourself with what you’re capable of once you start aligning your mind.

And more importantly, you can't learn from one person's path... "This is how I DO IT, and if you can't work this way I can't help you", but this is how YOU can do it, and you can unlock YOUR OWN path!
You'll get to the underlying WHY you work the way you do, then learn to apply that to your own path.


Second Element Of

Neural Bridge Alignment



QUALITY Application is the key to building your skills.

The 2nd Key Is Quality APPLICATION!

The 2nd Thing You Get Is...

A place to practice your skills to build your confidence and there's no better place to do that than with the support of a TRIBE.

The Zen Head Community Is A Private Facebook Group filled with A Tribe Of Like Minded People (#ZenHeadForLife) to be yourself and practice with others.

Regardless of what level you're at, having like minded people around you to support your growth as you navigate your path is absolutely necessary!

You will experience Social Support which is INTEGRAL to a FASTER application (and a stronger CHILL OUT Center).

The more supported you feel, the more rapidly you learn.

AND, it's been proven that you learn more with staggered levels of experience.

So, people slightly above you teach what they know, and you relate easier.

That leads to you naturally helping those below you with information that YOU know.

Everybody wins!

How would it would feel to find your tribe and feel what it's like to really BE you? AMAZING, right?

Studies have shown that learning in a peer group amplifies how much and how fast you're able to learn and apply new information. Tired of walking your path alone? Come join our Zen Head Community on Facebook where you can chill with like minded magical badasses (AKA Other Zen Heads) ready to support you with ANY challenge you face. FINALLY, a non-judgmental safe place you can call home with REAL support for your growth! We're more than a tribe - we're your chosen family.

I know you probably feel different than most people, and have wondered if there are even people out there that can understand you. You want to know why you’re different from others.
And most importantly WHERE YOUR PEOPLE ARE!
Because let's be honest... most likely, the people around you, even if they've got good hearts and are good people, just don't seem to get you.

Regardless of what level you're at, having like minded people around you to support your growth as you navigate your path is absolutely necessary!

In order to continue your growth & skyrocket your evolution you need Community! More minds will always be smarter than a single mind.

Studies have shown that learning in a peer group amplifies how much and how fast you're able to learn and apply new information.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the bestselling book, The Biology of Belief says,  "It's built into life that we seek community. Community is a reflection of who we are. It's an enhancement of who we are."

Discover who you are at your core. Master Your Emotions. Trust Your Intuition. Unlock Your Passion. Establish Your Boundaries. Build Your Confidence. Clear Your Field (& Keep It Clear). Find Your Voice. Speak Your Truth. Know Your Worth. Live Your Dreams. Stand Your Ground.
Have Questions? Not Finding Answers? (We've All Been Lost In Google) Get Instant Access to Ask David & Heather Any Question In The Zen Head Community Facebook Group. (Just Tag Us, and everyone benefits from the brain juice!)


Third Element Of

Neural Bridge Alignment



The FASTEST & most stable way to build GENUINE CONFIDENCE in anything is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

We've all heard the saying Practice Makes Perfect, right?

PRACTICE is also one of the fastest ways to build a REAL self confidence. The more often we do something, the more our brain wiring gets stronger, and the easier things become.

NOW is the time to allow your brain to work for your best and highest good. It’s time to start thriving in the full glory of all that is already within you.

Now is the time to get the answers you’ve been looking for WITHOUT being made to feel like a spiritual dumbass for asking the questions.

We are on a mission to clean up the unicorn poop and fairy vomit with the awesome-sauce of magic AND science to help metaphysical badasses like you get past the BS and finally step into your unique power.

We integrate Neural Bridge Alignment into the Application Phase of Student Practice that integrates Instructional Scaffolding Strategies based on work by Soviet Psychologist Lev Vygotsky (1896 – 1934).

In other words, you learn more, faster in a group of like-minded people of all skill levels.

The fastest way to build a solid self confidence with ANYTHING is with quality education and practice. The more you practice, the more your confidence builds. You will surprise yourself at how quickly you step into an unshakeable self confidence (that might make others jealous).
You get access to Teachable where we have 21+ (And Growing) PhD Backed Courses to binge on to your heart's content! Courses like: Easy Intuitive Tarot, Psychic Development, Advanced Mediumship Training, Crush Self Doubts, Crush Imposter Syndrome & Many More!
We have weekly practice with students all over the globe on topics like: Tarot Practice, Psychic Mediumship Practice, Self Growth & Healing Practice, & A Special Shadow Work Practice to explore the dark in a safe space to unlock your light!

This Is For You If

  • You are ready to dive deep into your "SHADOW WORK" to unlock your inner light.
  • You are ready to face your "DEMONS" to find your personal strength.
  • You are willing to travel into your own "HELL" to unlock the treasure beneath.
  • You want to find your personal baseline so that you're not thrown off by the world around you.
  • You firmly believe in PERSONAL responsibility.
  • You believe that YOUR perception creates YOUR reality (How you CHOOSE to see the world, is how you WILL see it).
  • You believe in cultural & spiritual diversity (there is always something to learn from others)
  • You understand that "Triggers" are a natural part of personal growth, and understand that GOLD can be found on the other side of the trigger.

This Is NOT For You If

☒ You are EXTREMELY connected to your religious beliefs
☒ You are afraid of the "DARK"
☒ You FIRMLY believe that the ONLY way to salvation is through Jesus Christ
☒ You believe you have been cursed
☒ You believe that spirits are constantly attacking you
☒ The "Illuminati" are secretly promoting the New World Order
☒ Freemasons Control The Global Economy
☒ Some "Antichrist" figure will create an oppressive world empire
☒ That you are an actual Alien that has been abandonded by your family from another galaxy
☒ The Earth is Flat
☒ COVID-19 is not a real threat
☒ You only believe in one true race, color, religion
☒ You believe in Spiritual Warfare (a LITERAL battle between good and evil)
☒ Secret Societies Control the World
☒ The Reptilian Elite

Transformation = Results

This is great and all, but it's worth NOTHING if it doesn't work. So we're here to put the rubber to the road, and show you with real life testimonials that the Neural Bridge Alignment WILL work for you.

Some Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

Jennifer Johnson-Blakey, Zen Rose Garden Reviews, Zen Rose Garden Client Reviews

“Way More Than Just Your Average Teachings"

“Why I Joined Zen Ed Academy: I watched a couple of your YouTube videos, and felt what I described above! The price options you made available allowed me to try it out.
What I Found: I absolutely love the comprehensive perspective, and compassionate teaching style! I love that you take into consideration the well being of the student, and how that can impact the quality of the knowledge gained.
Why It's Worth It: This is more than an investment in a simple course. You will find support here, and way more than just your average teachings! You will be supported in the process of your learning, and you will grow as a person! Go for it!”

Jennifer Johnson-Blakey
- Zen Ed Academy Member
Cheryl Ellis, Zen Rose Garden Reviews, Zen Rose Garden Client Reviews

“Healthy Brain Diet"

“absolutely loving your foundation series in #ZenEdAcademy Definetly a healthy brain diet. yo, pulling all of my crap out of the closet and growing. Good times. its deep, and so real. Thank you guys."

Cheryl Ellis
- Zen Ed Academy Member
  • The Training in Zen Ed Academy
  • The Tribe in the Zen Head Community
  • The APPLICATION in the Weekly Practice Sessions
  • New Material Added Constantly

You Get Lessons Like These:

  • Beginners Psychic Development (valued at $999)
  • Spiritual Awakening (valued at $999)
  • Advanced Mediumship Training (valued at $4,999)
  • The Chakras Masterclass (valued at $4,999)
  • Manifestation Mastery (valued at $999)
  • Self Love Blueprint (valued at $999)
  • Build Self Confidence (valued at $999)
  • Crush Imposter Syndrome (valued at $999)
  • Crush Self Doubts (valued at $999)
    • New courses added regularly...

    • Plus, New Group Exercises To Build Your Skills With The Tribe


With everything you’re getting today, you have everything you need to Unlock Your Psychic Gifts In The Next 30 Days GUARANTEED.

But, this is just the beginning of what you get with Zen Ed Academy.


Because, when you join Zen Ed Academy today, you also get a unique Bonus not available anywhere else called the QUICK START CLARITY CALL.

With this bonus you get… Personalized GUIDANCE and DIRECTION from our founder David (Master Hypnotherapist) To Get You Started & Headed In The Right Direction! We can't offer these forever, but while we're building you can get that personalized guidance.

You’ll know exactly which courses are best for you to get started in the fastest way possible FOR YOU!

You'll know which first 3 courses to take in which order for you!


And that's not all. When you sign-up for Zen Ed Academy today, I want to share with you just ONE of the courses you unlock RIGHT AWAY Psychic Development For Beginners.

With this course alone you get... STEP BY STEP guidance and exercises that will blow your mind and have you REALIZING just how psychic you already are!

This course is one of the easiest, most accessible ways to start practicing TODAY with 8 Simple Steps To Psychic Development. You'll go from Am I Psychic all the way through to Knowing how to Put It All Together with solid techniques for Developing All Your Clairs in 8 Easy Lessons (Less than 10 Hours).

AND THAT'S JUST THE BEGINNING! Because from there, you get to take those skills and exercises, and PUT THEM INTO PRACTICE inside of the Zen Head Community RIGHT AWAY with the Weekly Practice Sessions.


And that's still not all. Because here's another course you UNLOCK INSTANTLY when you join Zen Ed Academy today. It's called A Mediums Survival Guide.

With this bonus you get... 20 Hours Of Advanced Mediumship Training. You'll learn the 3 Main Pillars of mediumship from Messaging Mediumship to Healing Mediumship and one of the most necessary and often overlooked pillars, Rescue & Transition Mediumship.

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what to do when you've got spirits coming to you for help. NOW you'll know EXACTLY how to handle the situation with grace and ease.

AND THERE'S PRACTICE FOR THAT TOO! Because from there, you get to take THOSE skills and exercises, and PUT THEM INTO PRACTICE inside of the Zen Head Community RIGHT AWAY with the Weekly Practice Sessions.

You will NEVER have to fumble alone in the dark trying to figure out if you're doing something right. If you have something you can't figure out, DROP it in the group, and go about your day. Come back later to a flood of responses that bring more clarity than confusion. And if that's not enough, or you're not getting it, you can always tag David or Heather and the WHOLE COMMUNITY benefits from the feedback.

We’re not sure how much longer we’ll continue to include these bonuses, and extra access, but for today, you get this, INCLUDED absolutely FREE.


With everything you get today: Zen Head Community Private Facebook Group, Over 21 PhD-Backed Courses on Teachable, Weekly Psychic Mediumship Practice, Weekly Tarot Practice, Weekly Self Growth & Healing Practice, Quick Start Clarity Call with David, The Psychic Development Course, The Advanced Mediumship Training Course; Zen Ed Academy has a MINIMUM total value of WELL over $46,261 Per Year.


So think about it like this:


At $46,261 For A Year, if all Zen Ed Academy did for you was to Know Your OWN Emotional And Energetic Baseline, would it be worth it?

I would say… yes, it would be worth it because you would finally be able to walk into a crowd of thousands without ever feeling overwhelmed again.


If all Zen Ed Academy did for you was Put Your Psychic “Protection” on AutoPilot, would it be worth it?

Again, I would say… yes, it would be worth it because with just that ONE skill, you would never have to feel like an energetic victim and would finally be able to stand your ground and build your foundation.


If all Zen Ed Academy did for you was Allow You To Experience, Even For A Moment What That Feeling Of HOME Is Supposed To Feel Like, would it be worth it?

And again, I would say… absolutely yes, it would be worth it because you could FINALLY be free from overextending situations where the balance of energy exchange is you always giving and never receiving. How often have we put ourselves in horrible situations, overextending for friends and relations HOPING to get the same kind of love and appreciation that we so willing give out? Would your Self Love be worth it to you?


But, today, when you sign up for Zen Ed Academy it isn’t going to cost you $46,261 dollars. You’re not even going to pay the PUBLIC price of $999 per Month.

Instead, today, when you join Zen Ed Academy, you get access to everything: Zen Head Community Private Facebook Group, Over 21 PhD-Backed Courses on Teachable, Weekly Psychic Mediumship Practice, Weekly Tarot Practice, Weekly Self Growth & Healing Practice, Quick Start Call with David, The Psychic Development Course, The Advanced Mediumship Training Course; Zen Ed Academy … a MINIMUM total value of $46,261 per year… for a small annual tuition payment of $11,988.00/Year $4,300/Year. That’s over 64% off and a SAVINGS of over $7,600/Year and you ONLY pay $4,300/Year!


And here’s the thing…

You don’t even have to say yes today. All you have to say is “maybe” – and that’s because you can put the entire Zen Ed Academy & Zen Head Community to the test, risk-free.

When you join, your entire investment is backed by a 30-Day 60-Day, 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED Money-Back Guarantee.

Join today… go through EVERYTHING… put it all to the test over the next 30-Days 60 Days, and you’re either ABSOLUTELY thrilled with how much this has changed your Psychic Abilities, or you can simply cancel your membership using this link right here: and you will never be billed again. And we'll make it even easier, if you can't find the link, just send us ONE single email, and and we'll take care of you. Easy peasy. #Promise

You’re GUARANTEED to Unlock Your Psychic Gifts in the Next 30 Days (take a full 60 Days to try it out), or you get all your money back. No questions asked.

Your chance to lock everything in Goes Tick Tock Like This Clock…

Go ahead… Click the button below. Join Zen Ed Academy right now. You either Unlock Your Psychic Gifts in the Next 30 Days (Matter of fact, take a full 60 Days to try it out)… or it costs you absolutely nothing.

There’s no need for you to continue feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed. There’s no need for you to continue spinning your wheels trying to find SOMETHING that makes sense only to be disappointed and let down yet again. You don’t have to continue feeling constantly overwhelmed, drained, and worn out by other people's emotions or energy. You don’t have to continue living your life on that emotional rollercoaster with your emotions thrown all over the place depending on who you’re around.

You can change all of that today with Zen Ed Academy. You will feel confident and solid in your own emotional center. You will KNOW what is yours and what is not, and how to walk through a crowd of thousands without ever feeling overwhelmed again. You WILL ABSOLUTELY trust your instincts and intuition without waffling back and forth. You CAN crush self doubts once and for all!

Your chance to lock everything in Goes Tick Tock Like This Clock…

Go ahead… Click the button below. Join Zen Ed Academy right now.

Once you click the Red "JOIN NOW" Button Below, you’ll be taken to the checkout cart where you put your information in, and within minutes you will unlock access to Zen Ed Academy on Teachable.

  • Step 1: Find the Getting Started Section in Zen Ed Academy.
    • Enjoy Access to 21+ Courses
  • Step 2: Join the Zen Head Community on Facebook.
    • Experience the Warm Welcome!
  • Step 3: Book your 30 Minute Getting Started Call with our founder David.
    • Get Direction on your 1st 3 Courses laid out for you.

We’ve Lost Our Minds!

(Hurry Before We Find Them Again!)
Here is your ONE TIME OFFER!
We like to reward ACTION takers!
SO, you can either take your time, or take advantage of $11,988.00/Yr
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Please understand, this is a limited time offer. Zen Ed Academy, all the bonuses, and the 64% discount are only available until this timer hits ZERO!
So, if you want it, now is the time to act.
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

WHY are you giving away so much value for so little?

We want to help people on a big scale, and we're still building our foundation. So, right now is the perfect time to get in and lock in an incredible rate for an INSANE value that you literally CAN NOT find anywhere else. (That's why we created this, and we want it to be as accessible to as many people as possible, because we are creating a MOVEMENT, a REVOLUTION in this field.) We are here to change the stigma of Metaphysics as all poofy BS, and inject the world with real information that can unlock the actual potential of the mind, and we need YOUR help. And it's not a big ask. Come in, try it out, and grow. That's it. The by product of you gaining value from what we have is that you will naturally want to share this with other people who are ready.

We’ve worked with thousands of clients, just like you, over the last several years so we know that our method facilitates genuine, fast, lasting, transformative shifts.

But we’re not here to convince you that this will work for you.

You have to make that decision for yourself. 

Only YOU have access to the part inside of your mind
that knows if this is right FOR YOU.

A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

Maryann Humphrey, Zen Rose Garden Reviews, Zen Rose Garden Client Reviews

“MORE than 10 Years of Therapy!!"

“You guys have helped me MORE, in the past month than 10 years of therapy!!”

Maryann Humphrey
- Zen Ed Academy Member
Julie Willis, Zen Rose Garden Reviews, Zen Rose Garden Client Reviews

“Clarity For A Highly Sensitive Medium"

“You guys help me grow spiritually and understand all that has kept me confused as a highly sensitive medium. All other "professionals" have me pills trying to stop my connections. Guess what... pills don't work and there's no need to stop the connection once you learn how to do it properly. I can't Express how much I loooove Zen Ed Academy"

Julie Willis
- Zen Ed Academy Member
Omar MJ, Zen Rose Garden Reviews, Zen Rose Garden Client Reviews

“The Complete Information"

“I began my mediumship learning journey by researching countless YouTube videos. Most of the videos just explain how the medium does a particular activity and does not go into explaining the activities work, what is happening in the background. Zen Rose Garden videos give you the complete information about the mediumship practices i.e. history, mechanics, pitfalls etc.

I have been a student of the Zen Ed Academy and the Facebook group for 2 months now and I can say I gone from a skeptical student with very low confidence to being well on my way to becoming a medium.

I highly recommend the Zen Ed Academy to anyone looking to learn mediumship. David and Heather's system works and is a great value for money as well when comparing to other courses available. I have learned so much from the Zen Ed Academy that I fell I have a solid foundation for my learning moving forward.”

- Zen Ed Academy Member

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

And we’re not afraid to SHOW you it works with our ANY TIME, ANY REASON "No Questions Asked" Guarantee.

You will be completely head over heels excited and ABSOLUTELY LOVE Zen Ed Academy! If, for ANY reason (yes, we really mean ANY reason), you decide it’s not right for you ANY TIME... STOP!

No emails to send, no need to scour the website trying to find the fine print, and no hoops to jump through. Simply cancel your membership using this link right here: and you will never be billed again. Easy peasy. #Promise

If you cancel with your first 30 Days 60 Days we will automatically refund your purchase, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! After 30 Days 60 Days, you won't get a refund, AND you will never be billed again!

Nobody wants to feel pressured to be or do anything they don't truly want. We will always wish you the best of luck and genuinely hope you find the path that IS right for you.

Your chance to lock in $11,988.00/Yr $4,300/Yr Goes Tick Tock Like This Clock…

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

So, the only thing left for you to decide is if you want to stay where you are or if you’re ready to join Zen Ed Academy and finally come home.
We’ll leave the light on for you. 

Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD, David A Caren, CHt, Zen Rose Garden, Las Vegas, NV

Heather Kim Rodriguez (PhD) & David A. Caren (CHt)

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Founders of Zen Rose Garden (Home Of Zen Ed Academy)