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We’ll get to the answer in just a bit, but first let’s imagine for a moment…
Imagine having the answers to the biggest questions in your life.

  • Who Am I?
  • Why Am I Here?
  • What’s My Life Purpose?
  • How Do I Open My Gifts?
  • How Can I Heal The World?

So, you’ve bounced all over the Interwebs, read all kind of articles, books, watched tons of videos and you’re STILL confused!

What if you could have better answers than Google when a friend has a problem or just needs a little guidance? What if you already had those answers because you just watched a KILLER video lesson on that very same topic, and got REAL answers that REALLY fit and literally BLEW YOUR MIND!

Here’s another question

Have you already…

  • Googled That S#&T (Come on, you probably know more than some of those top results anyway)
  • YouTube’d Your Question (Some videos are an actual waste of time, and some send you in the most effed up directions… [YUP more drugs will open my mind and unlock the answers… SURE!])
  • Religioned It (Yeah, that didn’t quite work)

Of course you have, because you’re a smart cookie.

If you let this opportunity pass you by, though… you can be the smartest cookie in the world, not even that will help because you’ll still be using the same sources with the same hodge podge of puzzle pieces that don’t fit. You’ll still have to try to fit all those effed up pieces together in some way for your life to make any kind of sense, and wonder why you’re still spinning around in circles never getting anywhere.


We Know That Journey
We’ve Been There!

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I’m Heather & I’m David from Zen Rose Garden [DOT COM!]

Helping People Create BADASS Lives!

We’ve cracked the codes to life itself. (Modesty is never an issue here)… But it wasn’t always that way…

We’ve been through religious explanations of how the world works the way it does, (and yes there are bits of truth in any religious system) but we knew there was so much more out there, so we kept hunting and gathering all the nuggets of truth from all over.

We were hungry for all of the pieces to all of the puzzles to answer all of the questions…

And our own driving question was:


We each went to the library to get all the books we could find on religion, mythology, psychology, how the brain works, what motivates people (Yes, back when you had to go to an actual building to find books *SHOCKER*)

We listened to all the audios (back when they were tapes and CDs) from all the top experts and life coaches (even before LIFE COACHING was a thing)…

We’ve each spent over 40 years on this mission to crack the codes to life, searching and experiencing the same frustrations you have. So, when we came together in this powerhouse collision of Universal Awesomeness we blended our brains together, and went from 2 Lifetimes of experience, passion, and code cracking into 80 Years Of COMBINED MIND HACKING! (Holy Crap… I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE THAT, but it’s true!)


Since 2008, we’ve helped over 2,000 clients crack open the subconscious programs and beliefs that have held them captive for decades so they could breathe that sweet, fresh air of freedom! We’ve learned through our work that Self Growth & Developing your Intuition for a Badass Life go together like sushi and Sapporo.



So That… you can step into your gifts with confidence

So That… you can build better relationships in your life

So That… you can experience what it really feels like to love yourself completely

SO THAT... You can stop hopping around from healing center to group event hoping for some real information only to be let down and disappointed

PLUS: Get Weekly Video Lessons with Heather & David that will literally give you the best of both worlds, the brainy part and the spirit part inside!


We don’t want you to just believe blindly… that’s how bad things happen to good people. We want you to always question, grow, and expand based on what is right for YOU! That’s one of our core missions. Helping YOU to create your own BADASS Life!

We do have a few words from some people who have already tasted their own Kool Aid (not poisoned I assure you)

“⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ They're incredibly - the BEST!”


I've been a repeat client of ZRG for 7 years now.. After each session with them, I've walked away with a different perspective that has brought out the best of me. I was struggling with childhood trauma, buried emotions and challenges within myself and relationships that I didn't know how to address. They helped me to understand a different perspective on how to face those challenges with an empowered mindset. I stepped into my personal power with their guidance. Now I'm working on creating my own business. They have been my biggest fans on this conquest. When you're ready to not only break through the barriers that hold you back, but are open to clear the blocks that keep you in the path of struggle, Heather and David are your people. They've coached me through challenges that I couldn't get anywhere else when it comes to authenticity. With ZRG- you get realness, non-judgement and the ability to open up and talk about things that you need to release. They provide the space for you to be vulnerable so you could break through those challenges within that hold you back from living a fruitful, fulfilling, and joyous life from within which extends outward.. I believe that family extends beyond the bloodline and over the years Heather and David have become just that for me- family. I've referred a handful of family and friends and they too have walked away with an evolved perspective that have helped them through challenges. They're incredibly- the BEST!

Tracy Campen

“⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ You've Saved My Life!”


David and Heather. You've saved my life and I am so happy to have this space you've created. Thank you for being who you are. -La Salerosa ??? ❤️

Flor Espinoza

“⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Wonderful! Felt comfortable and accepted”


Working with David was a pleasure! I immediately felt comfortable and accepted to bring whichever aspect of myself forth that needed healing. Thank you for the wonderful session. I look forward to working with you again in the future!!

Shae McLean


This Membership Works…

EVEN IF… you’ve tried other teachings

EVEN IF… you’ve followed (and been let down by) “cookie cutter gurus”

EVEN IF… you’ve found some pieces of your puzzle that do truly work for you

Case studies or quotes from people with common traits. Include a “works even if” section and address all possible mental farts making them think “this won’t work for me”.

Join Now $49/Mo


POD Features

LIVE Interaction with David & Heather, not some place where you come in hoping to connect only to be left high and dry.

How are the features of my product different from other options?

POD Benefit

How are the benefits of my offer different from other options?


We’re not here to twist your arms and make you do anything. But, think of what you would lose by letting this opportunity pass on by…

How frustrating would it be to keep banging your head against that Google Wall, or burning your eyes out with another lame YouTube video.

How much are you losing by not taking control of your own life right now?


Imagine: Sleeping peacefully through the night with your mind finally released from old traumas and triggers that used to consume your thoughts.

Imagine: Experiencing an unmistakable level of Self Love and Appreciation that leads you to building better relationships not only with yourself, but with the right people in your life.

Imagine: Finally discovering your own WHY in the world, and living with purpose and passion in everything you do!

Imagine: Handling the chaos of stress and anxiety like a ninja with a sharp sword of information. Armed with knowledge of why your brain works the way it does, and navigating the dark night of your soul KNOWING there is light at the end of that tunnel BUILDING a much more solid foundation that becomes UNSHAKEABLE!

Imagine: Knowing how to navigate the sticky emotions of dysfunctional situations and building your boundaries without compromising your connections.

Join Now $49/Mo


Now comes the moment of choice. It only takes 90 seconds to make a choice.

You could decide to keep Googling and watching YouTube Videos from Cookie Cutter Gurus OR, you could learn from professionals who have been living & breathing this work for the past decade.

You could spend the next year doing all of these things:

  • Bouncing around all over Google reading article after article looking for the secret hidden knowledge
  • Scouring Facebook following group after group looking for your tribe
  • Burning Your Eyes on YouTube watching video after video looking for answers and guidance
  • Picking up bits and pieces of wisdom from one place and another
  • Trying to make them all fit together
  • Driving yourself absolutely BONKERS when they don’t fit.

OR, could you imagine yourself a year from now

  • Finding your Diamond In The Sky
  • Wisdom raining down into your eyes & ears from the heavens…
  • From someone that has already taken the journey through hundreds of books & thousands of hours of training over an entire lifetime (or more)
  • (that you CAN’T find on Google or YouTube, believe me… we’ve looked. That was a part of our journey going BONKERS trying to fit all the pieces together…)
  • FINALLY finding someone else who is passionate about cracking the codes
  • Putting the RIGHT pieces of the RIGHT puzzle together in ways that JUST WORK!

Imagine your life one year from now…

  • As you go from lesson to lesson, course to course
  • Your MIND BEING BLOWN AWAY at how it all just works
  • Imagine doing that with a group of people that are just as blown away
  • Watch the sparks fly as you all bounce off each other with AMAZEMENT and GLORY for finding the HIDDEN WELL of Knowledge and Inspiration!
  • Igniting new burning questions in your brain
  • New lessons being sparked from those questions from that untapped source of code-cracking wisdom!

Imagine having a question that you SIMPLY CAN NOT Google the answer to. Imagine posting that question to a group, and having an answer that WORKS!

The choice is yours…

Keep going down the rabbit hole of chaos and confusion chasing your tail like a puppy wondering why you can’t get it…

OR, Let the GODS & GODDESSES of Wisdom & Knowledge RAIN upon you in Zen Ed Academy!

Why Act Now?

We are only offering this price for the next 100 Members or until May 1st, 2019… whichever comes first. After that, the price WILL go up, and while you will still have access to the membership, you will never get it for this price, or with these bonuses!

Instant Gratification



Zen Ed Academy
$539.64 Annual Membership Payment Option

"The amazing you see on camera only scratches the surface of the depths and gravity of their hearts. Stay tuned and see how their empowerment, empowers you. I effing mean it!" ❤️ ~ Erin ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Get Access To These Groups (And All Courses & Resources In Each Group)

Badass Life Boot Camp
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Zen Ed Academy
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(Intuitive, Psychic & Mediumship Development Courses)

AND You get the Intuitive, Psychic & Mediumship Development Courses
Psychic Development For Beginners (8 Hours [Valued @ $197])
Advanced Mediumship Development (20 Hours (IN THE PROCESS) [$997 Value])
Stay Tuned For More...

Each Month you've got the option of being Live with David & Heather, Founders of Zen Rose Garden (Or catch the Replays)!

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"Everyday since I started I feel like I incorporate in my day. From proper breathing, to my heroic self confidence , to cutting the bullshit excuses. It's allowed me to process some of the emotions I have forgetting about. It's like I gain super powers to keep moving forward. I'm my own hero and I take care of me, the biggest breakthrough. ❤️✨" ❤️ ~ Flor ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I am actually seeing my potential and starting to build on my strengths. I'm unfolding and it's exciting! Seeing my incredible worth. I'm ridiculously empowered in this meditation. I'm being shown how far I've come. Thanks so much!" ❤️ ~ Erin ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

$539.64 Zen Ed Academy

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