Simple Technique To Prepare For Hypnosis

Simple Technique To Help Prepare For Hypnosis

    Here is a great technique to help you prepare for your new adventures in hypnosis. The following 3 steps will help you tune your mental focus and increase your ability to relax deeply. By practicing these steps before your hypnosis session(s), you will be training your mind to center your attention on the hypnotherapist’s suggestions without conscious interruption. Practice these steps as much as you like. Remember, practice makes perfect.

    These techniques are based on a progressive relaxation hypnotic induction. You may find that when practicing these techniques, you will induce a light state of self- hypnosis. This is perfectly OK and normal if this happens. You will also find that you are completely aware and in control if you do go into a light state of self hypnosis. This just meaning that you can emerge yourself any time you wish by simply opening your eyes.

    With that said, let me show you these 3 easy steps. I truly believe that you will enjoy this technique.

Step #1

    Pick a time when you have 30 minutes to yourself and you can easily sit in a chair or lay down comfortably without interruption. This may be in the morning, afternoon or at night. If you have 30 minutes in the morning, this technique is a great way to start your day.

Step #2

    As you are sitting or lying down, take a deep breath, exhale and allow yourself to begin to relax. After a few seconds, begin to relax your body slowly from head to toe. You do this by focusing on one part of your body at a time and relaxing that part of your body until you notice relaxation set in. This may be quick, but take some time to enjoy the relaxation.

    The easiest way to ensure that you are relaxing your entire body is to start at your head and then move slowly down to your toes. This is done as follows:

      A. Start at your scalp (top of your head) and just begin to relax your scalp until you notice relaxation setting in. Perhaps you will notice tingling or heaviness. Then you move on.

      B. Now move to your eyes and begin to relax your eyes until you notice relaxation begin. Enjoy this feeling for a while. Then move on.

      C. Now move to your cheeks and let them sag deeply into relaxation. Enjoy this feeling for a while. Then move on.

      D. Now move to your chin and relax your chin until your jaw relaxes deeply. Then move on.

      E. Now move to your neck and shoulders, allowing them to relax deeply together. You may notice a nice heaviness set in. Then move on.

      F. At this point, you move down your arms to your hands and fingers. Then to your chest, back and the rest of your entire body until you finally finish with your toes. Relax each part of your body individually.

Step #3

    Once you have relaxed each part of your body, begin to relax your mind. Allow your mind to clear of any thoughts as you drift into pure relaxation for a few minutes. Whenever you are ready, open your eyes.

This technique is very simple and you may find that you enjoy practicing this over and over. If you like this, try relaxing your body from head to toe, then go back to the top of your head and relax your body from head to toe again. See if you can cause each body part to relax deeper than the first time.

I put these steps together for you to enjoy your own ability to relax deeply and to allow you to prepare your mind and body for hypnosis. We do not require you to practice these steps for your hypnosis program(s) to be effective.

Keep in mind that relaxation has nothing to do with hypnosis, but relaxation may be used in your hypnosis program(s) to bypass conscious thinking and induce hypnosis.

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