What If I Can’t Be Hypnotized

What If I Can’t Be Hypnotized

    I hear this quite often.“I can’t be hypnotized.”Sometimes this is being said as a defense mechanism due to fear of hypnosis and, sadly, sometimes this is being said because another hypnotist did not have the skill-set to properly induce hypnosis, leaving the failure on the client.

    Every one with the ability to follow simple instructions can be hypnotized. YES, I said every one. If you can follow along with the hypnotist’s instructions and suggestions, you can enter a nice state of hypnosis. You only need to allow it to happen. In order for you to allow hypnosis to happen, it is important that you do not have any fear of hypnosis. A good hypnotist/hypnotherapist will take the time to explain what hypnosis will be like for you.

    But, did you know that you enter hypnosis, all on your own, many times throughout the day? Hypnosis is actually a very natural state of mind. Most think that hypnosis requires having your eyes closed and to be in a completely relaxed (almost coma) state of being. Not true.

The following are some examples of natural occurring states of hypnosis.

1. Reading A Book

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    Reading is a natural state of hypnosis. While we read a book which is really enjoyable, we tend to get drawn right into the story. We can feel what the characters feel. Our focus becomes entirely inward as our mind creates images, sounds, smells, and sensations in response to the words in the book. How many times have you become aware that time slipped by without your outer awareness or you completely blocked out all of the noises around you while you read a favorite book? This is natural hypnosis taking place. By getting lost in a great book, you are accessing more of your subconscious abilities and using less of your conscious awareness.

2. Watching A Movie or Television

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    Much like reading a book, movies and television shows create a hypnotic state. Once again, you begin to relate to and feel what the characters are doing. You find your focus completely drawn into what is happening on the screen. How many times have you almost jumped out of your seat to cheer for the underdog or have you yelled out “Run!” when the killer was lurking closer to the victim? You are having emotional reactions to something that you know is not real, but yet you know its safe to play along. You are letting your conscious guard down to enjoy the show. This, once again, is hypnosis taking place naturally.

3. Driving A Car

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    This is a fun one. Anyone who has been a driver for a while will recognize this. There is even a term for this. It’s called Highway Hypnosis.

    Highway hypnosis takes place when you are driving and you begin to get lost in your thoughts. You could be thinking about anything”¦.last night, things to do today, something you heard on the news, etc”¦ Before you know it, you have arrived at your destination”¦”¦..and you cannot consciously recall anything from the drive. You don’t remember stopping at stop signs. You don’t remember making that turn you usually make. You don’t remember if all of the stop lights were green. And if you’re like me, I tend to realize I’m driving to work instead of meeting my girlfriend at the new restaurant in town.

    This usually happens when we drive a route we are accustomed to driving. Your subconscious mind creates a pattern of this route and when you drift into thought, your subconscious mind does the driving. Your mind is so brilliant that it knows to take that left turn, stop at stop signs, and drive you safely to where you need to be. Incredible!!

4. Learning

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    Hypnosis is know as a heighten state of awareness, but it can also be defined as a heightened state of learning. While focused on something which we truly want to learn, the conscious mind will step aside and allow the subconscious mind to absorb the information we are learning. We are choosing to accept this information as true so there is no reason for the conscious mind to block it. Of course, just because you are learning something new, doesn’t mean that you have to believe it or accept it as the truth. No matter what is happening, you always have the choice to consciously block information that you do not agree with. It is the complete focus and the choice to accept new information that makes learning a state of hypnosis.

5. Being A Child

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    Probably the most fascinating thing I’ve learned about hypnosis is the fact that from the age of birth up to about the age of 7 years old, children have no way of blocking information from their subconscious minds. Children, through these ages, have not developed what we call “the critical factor of the conscious mind”. The critical factor is the ability to decide what is truth and what isn’t.

    You see, children have nothing to base on what is true and what is false until they have observed enough of the world around them. This is why doctors and psychologists believe these years to be the most crucial in developing a person’s identity. Children accept everything as truth and develop upon that. Children are in a constant state of hypnosis.

    This information isn’t to frighten any parents out there. There are many other contributing factors to the development of a child and it takes quit a bit of re-enforcing of a negative suggestion to become firm in one’s belief system. When I am around children, I do my best to always tell them how much they are loved. Being loved is what children need the most.

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